Ted Ed- Insects’ Brains (05/11)

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Watch this fun video on the insects’ brains. Once, you finish the video, post your reaction to this video. Remember to REREAD your post before submitting. Make sure it makes sense and is written correctly. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Ted Ed- Insects’ Brains (05/11)

  1. I think that this is reall interesting because basiclly what the video is saying is insect are humans but geneticlly developed differently.

  2. I thought that video was interesting i liked learning about what happens inside of a insects brain it was cool. And i thought that the facts were cool and interesting

  3. After reading this i thought that it was really cool how insects can lose there head and still think that was really cool.How they could still fly and run and stuff.

  4. It is weird of how they have small brain. But, those brains have this alert system. It is so small. But it can move when it is needed. That nervous system might take half of the brain. For us. The brain is like the size of a minature eraser. It is sooooooo small!!

  5. That was shocking how bugs and humans are simaler brain reacting to stuff like food both brains insects and humans both want to find it. Yet both brains are differn’t then humansut act the same it is weird.

  6. I think this video was impressive and succesfully proved that insects DO have brains. I found it interesting how the insect brain functions in different parts and they have different brains for different functions. The part I found most interesting was the part where it said how insects can still move smell and scratch, and fly, after their head being amputated.

  7. I personally really enjoyed this video, becuase it went into depth about the insects brian. Also how they are similar to our brians in ways. It also talked about the evolution of us and the insetcs as well as many other animals that have similarites with us and the insects as well.

  8. It was interesting because you wouldent expect that flys where the insects that created humans.another thing that i find interesting is that bugs can know where food locations are .

  9. What I think about the video is interesting, because if a bugs head got choped off it couled still breath, move, fly. That is kind of weard to see a bug with no head and can still move breath and fly.

  10. I think this video was really cool. It was really cool when they talked about the insects. Like they said that the insects still can move when it’s dead.

  11. This video was impressive, but then kind of wired at the same time. I think that its wired that an insect can lose its head and it can still walk, breathe, and fly. I never realized that before, I just thought that the insect was stumbling and then it would collapse, dead.

  12. I never knew how well insects brains work. I thought they just know how to get away from predators, like flies. I also always wondered how if you pull a worms head off they keep going. In conclusion I did not know they have brains.

  13. I thought that this was really cool,because i didnt know that if their heads fall off then they could keep flying,scratching,and breathing. I also didnt know that they have a brain in different sections

  14. I think it is cooll that they have a small brain but i really think that it would be cool to see one that small

  15. Well, there was no link to the video so I went to teded.com and in the search bar and typed in insect brians and click the first one and I saw the bug thinking of pizza the same picture at the top. My thoughts about the video are I thought it was cool how a insect brian and a human brian has smiliar brain waves and I thought is has cool how the insects can still fly, run, and walk when the head as fallen off.

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