TedEd Tuesday (4/26)

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Watch these two videos on being scared and spontaneous brain activity. After watching both videos. Write one paragraph comparing the two videos and one paragraph detailing the differences of the two videos. Finally, write a third paragraph sharing your opinions and new knowledge from the videos.


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  1. One video is talking about your brain and telling you facts about how you can suffacate yourself with too much breaths and it is telling you you can forget things right after you say things.

    And the other video is telling you how scared you can get of fear but when you get off a roller coaster than you want to go again and when you are on you are scared and when you get off you want yo go again.

  2. The difference between both of these videos is one of them is about being scared and how to control it.The other one was about how your brain is always moving (even when you sleep).

  3. 1. Both of the vidoes were about something that our brain does or a reaction that goes through our brain when we see or do something.
    2. One was about fears the other one was about our brain waves and what our brain does to help our body
    3. My opinion on the video was that i thought that it was cool to learn stuff about what happens when we feel fear and i also liked learning about our brain and what happens when we sleep and all that stuff it all was cool to learn about.

  4. These videos were simular because they both include how you feel, how you body works, and they are both about your brain.

    These are also different because the rollercoaster one was why being scared is funand the brain video was how your brain functions.

    I think that the rollercoaster thing does work because I went on a rollercoaster with a loop in it for the first time and when it was over I felt like I was brave.

  5. In the fear video, your brain is working on the signals that you are seeing. In the second vudeo of your brain. Your brain is also working.

    The difference between the videos is that the fear one. Was about how fear is fun. The brain video was just about your brain.

    I think that it is weird that people mimck their friends emotions as in fear or happiness. I think that the part where your brain works every second of the day. It is not suprising. Like when your sleeping, your brain is pretty much making a movie. Which that is your dream.

  6. The videos are the kind of the same because both involve the brain. Fear is trigered by the brain and the spontaneous activity is also the brain.

    They are different because the spontaneous activity is talking about what its doing and the fear is tell use what fear trigers.

  7. 1.the two vidios where about fear and spontaius brain movements.for example you breath without even thinking about it.and if you scream or laugh when your freand laughs on a roller coaster you become better freinds.

    2.the differences of the two videos where that they werent about the same thing.only the 2nd vidieo was about the brain and sleep.

    3.my opinions about the videos where that they where cool.because you can acally build frendships by being scared when they are and it is also cool how the brain is able to do al the stuff without you noticing.

  8. 1. The reason that these two videos are similar is that they are both talking about how are brains and bodys and feelings work.
    2. How they are different is that one video is talking about how we get scared and the other is talking about how are brains work and all that
    3. I thought that both of theese videos were cool and filled with facts that I have never heard before and I really didn’t know that my brain worked like that

  9. One simularity is that its talking about your brain and its talking about your emotions. Like you can be scared or very tired

    One difference is that the rollercoaster one is mostley talking about fear and the other one is talking about your BRAIN.

    My opinion is that a BRAIN is very important and that rollercoasters are SCARY and AWESOME also that your brain is very cool

  10. The first video was about being scared, but when your with your friends or family you feel better. And the second video was about sleeping and what happenes when you sleep.

    The first video was like going on a roller coaster and being scared. But when you laugh and smile with friends and family you get less scared . The second video was like what happens in your sleep. It said when you sleep your brain is still thinking and your eyes still move left to right.

    The first video was really cool I didnt know when you laugh with your friends and family on a roller coaster gets away your fear. And the second video was interesting cause i didnt know your brain still thinks when you sleep or your eyes still move when you sleep.

  11. The two viedos are really the same because they are talking about how your brain thinks. Altough they are basically the same talking about you brain.

    Alough the first one is basically telling us how when were scared we can also feel happy. The second one is saying how are brain controls are body and we don’t even know it.

    I also just realised do things and I don’t realise it when I get used to it after a while. I also did not know that scared and happy go together at all I used to think there polar oppsites.

  12. Both of the videos show you how you react to to things. Like fear you react by screaming and in the other video it tells you why because you activated certain neurons. Also why you like what you like.

    The reson they are differn’t is because the first one is about one certain thing that gets activated alot and the other video tells you how all the things are activated.

    I think this information is not that important because if you react to things the way you do you don’t nececarly understand why and this explains it but this is not that important how you react to fear. This new imformation could help you understand your brain better.

  13. Both of these videos mention brains and how they react to things. In the video about being scared it metioned that your brain tells you that Zombies aren’t real, and thats true, but your body overpowers that and makes you scared of them. In the other video about spontaneous brain activity it mentioned that brains control most of your body parts, the control center. Your brain makes you react to the things happening around you.
    The differences between the two videos is that they are focasing on different topics, both involing brains. One video is about how your body reacts to being scared and what it feels like after you experience it. The other video is about brain activity and the video talked about the mystery about your brain when you fall asleep.

  14. In my opinion these videos were alike in many ways, and they go together well. For example when you are scared neurons are spontaneously active. Which the video proves becuase they are active especially when you are expirenceing different emotions, like being scared.

    To go into greater detail about the videos the first one was mainly talking about the science behind when your scared and have fun. The second video went into how and why your brains are always active, and why somtimes why they are active spontaneously.

    There are alot of differences between the two videos. To start things off the first video wasen’t very spsific about the topic Why when you are scared your also having fun. But the second video was very spsific going into the topic of spintaneous brian activitey.

  15. 1. Both of the vidoes were about something that our brain does or a reaction that goes through our brain when we see or do something.
    2. To go into greater detail about the videos the first one was mainly talking about the science behind when your scared and have fun. The second video went into how and why your brains are always active, and why somtimes why they are active spontaneously.
    3. My opinion on the video was that I thought that it was I think the first video was about fear and I really liked it and the second video was talking about the brain and it was very informational. I learned a lot.

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