Ted Ed- Confidence

Take a moment to watch this video on confidence.

Think about your confidence. What areas of your life are you the most confident? What areas are you least confident? Think about the reasons why you confidence is great or lacking in both areas. Write your response below. Also, what is your reaction to the three tips from the video.

Your responses should be in three paragraphs.

19 thoughts on “Ted Ed- Confidence

  1. I am a confident batter in baseball. I am not very confident when I have to read a long book. I am confident in baseball because I belive I can hit a homerun. I am not confident in reading because it gets boaring and there are so many words.

  2. Getting A’s on tests and then not getting A’s. I am least confodent when I overthink it. I think this becasuse I overthink it when I am nervous and thinking about it to much. And when i take a test Iam all ready to take it and then Iam not ready to take it.

  3. I feel that im always confident. If something is really hard i sometimes give myself a pep talk or think of my sucsess. I actally do all the steps in the video everywhere i go. Thats why im not afrad to try new things.

  4. What I am most confident in is sports. The reason why is because I keep trying and never give up. One reason from the video is to never give up keep trying.
    The area that i am not confident in is math. The reason why is it gust keeps gitting harder

  5. One place im really confident in is sports. Im really confident in sports because my dad is athletic so I think if he can do it I can.

    I also lack confidence in sports. I lack confidence when I sart doing bad. The reason I lack confidence when I do bad is because im not use to doing bad, im usually the one doing good.

    I think the three tips from below can really help me because now when im doing off-season training I can use thoe confident builders to help me be better. Then when it comes next Basketball season I will be able to shoot threes for Days!

  6. I think that the places i am most confident. For me it would have to be playing video games. Also playing hide and go seek. I see my areas that i am least confident is in art. Art has been the hardest thing for me. I have tried multiple times to try to draw something good. I just can’t. I even hate ART!! I think that the other place where i am least confident is playing with my friends. Most of my friends are older than me. By 5 or 9 years. Whenever they score on me, i can tell if im going to win or lose. I think that the the three tips are suprisngly right and true. Lots of people do selftalk to get them selves in the confident mode.

  7. Im confadent in football soccer baseball and basketball im also confadent on math and other things to (etc) …………. Too.

  8. I am a comfident running back in football.
    I am a comfident forward in soccer.
    I am a comfident gaurd in in baseketball.

  9. I think the areas that I am most comfortable in my life are VIDEO GAMES and outdoor stuff like camping, and boyscouts. One of the areas I am least confident in is in sports, because I don’t like or really practice them. My confidence is OK in sports, and things like that but it is GOOD in gaming and outdoor activities.

  10. I think my confidence is bad. I think that I am more confident when I play the violin than when I am at piano lessons.

    I think I’m more confident for violin than piano because I practice more than the piano. That is why I think I’m less confident

    I think those videos were nice tips so that I can feel more confidant when I do my work. I think this because when I say I can’t do this I won’t make it. That is how this will help me grow stronger in confidence.

  11. Some things i’m not confindent is when i hang around other people that i don’t know.Lime sometimes it could be really awkward.Like there like whats up and your like …… Like you know what i mean.

    Some things that i am confindent about is hanging around frenides and family because you know and you feel comfortable about them and actally talk to them.

    Also my reaction i think i could actally use them because sometimes i lack confindence in alot of areas more than just one.But now i know what to improve on.

  12. Most Confident- Being a good student, In genral being a good kid.
    I think my confidence is good in this area becuase i’ve done this before. And I know I can do it again.

    I think the video’s tips are very useful and helpful becuase alot of people need to be more confident in themselfs and that video covers that perfectly.

  13. I am most convident in sports. When I play any sport I feel unstoppable I can really feel confident in my self. I feel least confident when I am at school I feel small inside and everyone is better than me. I think that I am also a bad friend in some ways.

  14. I feel like the areas that I am most confident in or most confident about are most of my dance classes,and just when i’m alone or i’m with my family.

    I feel like the areas that I am the least confident are in school(mostly math and literature) and in my more advanced dance classes or when I have to do something in front of a lot of people.

    I thought that these three tips for confidence are good and could help someone

  15. The area in my life where i am most confident is when i am reading a book or something like that. The area where i am least confident in life is during math. My confidence can be good in math and then it gets shut down when i dont understand something or theres a test coming up and i know that i am going to fail. My thoughts on the video were that it was good it helped me learn ways to boost my confidence. Especially when i am not feeling all to confident

  16. Im most confident, when im doing something that might be a challenge, but I think I can do it. Like the documentary. I think that its a big challenge. But if I can just put some confidence in it I can acomplish it. If I don’t put any confidence in it, I would probably fail.

    Im least confident, when im talking to an adult. For some reason it kinda freaks me out. I worry about what they would think about me. I just don’t want to make a bad impression.

  17. I am the most cofident when i am playing games and i am least confident when i am doing laungage arts in school.there reasons i am good at games is because ive played them for along time so i am alot better at them now.and i also keep trying defferent things in games . And also by playing alot of different games i can tell whats gonna hsppen.the reason im not very good at laungage arts is because i dont like doing it .another reasons is because imdomt get good grades in it.i think that the video is acurate.i think that the video is right because reapeating things helps you get alot better in things.

  18. I feel like most of the time im confident in myself. But when it comes to test im not always that confident. But I know I can do my best. I’m not afrad to try new things. As long as I know i can do my best.

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