Ted Ed Tuesday (03/08)

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What gets in the way of learning? Often times it’s our attitude. Watch this video and see what your thoughts are on a specific attitude. How can being around this attitude affect your learning?¬†What are some strategies to collaborate with someone who displays these traits? What if this is you? What can you do to collaborate better with others? Leave your thoughts below.

25 thoughts on “Ted Ed Tuesday (03/08)

  1. When someone has these traits, i think it effects my learning because maybe they will keep interupting and if we are working will partners they will not care about the partner’s work.
    My strategies for someone that has these traits is that i would keep telling them to stop and maybe slow down.

  2. Being around this attitude can effect your learning because their so focused on their self they will think their funny or something and they will speak out thinking that their so funny.

  3. They are not the same as the others and the others can do what they want without waitsing in lines and that is not fair to other people

  4. I think this spacific attitude is very selfish and un-called for. Being around this attitude could effect your learning incrediblly because you could easlly get of task and confused or complicated. One stratagy to collaberate with someone with these traits could be a simple way of just walking them through the process of the work and telling them that they need help with the work they are doing.

  5. The challenges with this certain attiude is normally you are really selfish and self centerd. And if you are collaborating or working together with a group you would not be a good partner at all becuase you only think about yourself and care about yourself and not anybody else.

  6. some of the challenges in colaborating is that there are twins and one of them half to be the one that is the most powerful and the attitude in the video was very selfish but there is a type of the deisease that means you are not selfish but you have the power but you are not taking advantage of the power.

  7. Attitde could effect your by if you are mad then that could effcet how you act like it woukd make you not want to learn.Also you would be grumpy and not want to give 100% in your learning.Also to help someone who is going through this you could cheer them up like a pat on the back.

  8. Being around this attitude can effect your learning by making you feel not good enough or making you feel bad about yourself and if you think this way then you wont be able to do your best. You could help someone who has these traits by talking about something besides them or something that doesnt involve them. You could do the same thing for you if you think that is you.

  9. This attitude can affect our learning by either thinking we are so perfect that no one else matters and they can do what they want when they want all the time, or by getting distracted or influenced by these people to be like them because you do think they are better.

  10. I think that being around this attitude will make you feel like you are too smart for school so you won’t listen. To fix this if you are around some one you can say you are smart but you can do better because nobody is perfect. I think I can collaborate better so if I lose I won’t feel so bad if they winner is like I WIN you LOSE! I can do this better by just ignoring them.

  11. I think one of the specific attitude is probaly selfishness because when your working with someone that selfish they will probaly want to do it them selfs. You can just stay away from that person when You are doing projects or you can tell them it is not fair and the might change there minds.

  12. Well one way to work with those people is by not always doing what they want but also do not give that person adatiude because that person will get more mad at you then you and that person will always be fighting.

  13. If there is a person in your group they would boss everyone around.one strategy is not giving them atenchion because if they dont get atenchion they will stop.you can collaborate better with others better by not geting off task.

  14. Being around someone like this can effect your learning because it might make you want to be the only thing the teacher focus’s and you might to start to act up. My strategie for someone like this is to tell them to stop and relax and tell them that they arent the only thing that matters.

  15. If there is a person in your group they wouled boss everyone around. Dont give theme atichen becaues it will incurige them to just care about them self.

  16. The challenge is your attitude you can be really mean. If your around people like that it can effect your learning. So maybe you can be with people that could help you get threw it.

  17. The challenges with narcissism is that you are really self-centered and is very selfish. If your working with a partner or group on something that’s for a grade. You would make the others do it for you and you take credit. The grade you get is a C. You would probably blame it on the others, when you didn’t even do anything.

  18. Being around this attitude affects learning becuase the people that have them believe they need more. If they need help they shall take over and say ” you are wrong!!” People need to work and having to hear that, causes them to be distracted.
    Some strategies to collaborate with someone who displays these traits is to speak up for yourself. The person who displays with these traits tend to take over and get all of the credit. If you speak up and say ” hey I worked on this project as well.”

  19. Some people are selfish and they just talk about themselves and they become more and more annoying because they can be mean if there selfish, if you ask to borrow a pencil they will be like NO. If someone is a person that loves themselves a little TOO much and are selfish like somepeople just talk about themselves instead of the WHOLE team.

  20. This aditude can effect learning by when we do partner work because they will want to take the credit and they might think that they are smarter. I have someone on my bus that is that way and they are very selfish.

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