Temple Puzzle- Can you solve it?

Watch this video from Ted Ed. Pause the video when directed to pause it and attempt to solve the puzzle. Post your idea for a solution below. Once you post your answer finish watching the video to check your response.

Have fun!

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17 thoughts on “Temple Puzzle- Can you solve it?

  1. You could take a few of the students that did not get possessed and split them up into 2 groups instead of the students lieing

  2. I think send one smart one with one not so smart one. if one comes back, then they found the way. If they didn’t, then both would come back.

  3. Ask them what there name and since you already know there names ask them and if they say the king or queens name then you stay away from them or don’t listen to them

  4. I think that maybe they can ask a quick question with a true or false. Then the two who didn’t say the correct answer. They are the ones with the curse.

  5. You could talk to the ones that say they found the way out. Also you no that the people cursed will talk differently and mix up words and lie. There are to solutions I can think of ask them what there names are. Or you could guess and hope you don’t die.

  6. You have 3 people go in three different tubes. You know only 2 people are cursed so that one will not lie. If everyone takes a wrong path you know that the last one is it not the main room that got green smoke in.

  7. You should divide up into groups based on the actions of one another then you will be able to know if the path is right or wrong

  8. The Red character goes on to explore on tunnel by himself. Since there are eight students left divide by 2 to = 4 pairs then tell them to explore the tunnel and come back who ever is lying you know they are the cursed pair.

  9. I think they should try to separate the groups equally. There are 9 people total so instead of splitting up into 3 groups of 3 they should have 1 group of one. That group of one should be you since you know your not possesd, then you need one group of 2 and 2 groups of 3. The group of 2 is to see if they are the possesd ones lying. Then you they should start searching. Once they meat back up I think they should have a few minutes to spare. Then you will know which ones are possessed because if they ar in the same group they won’t have the same answers. But if their not in the same group, then it will be a little difficult.

  10. Send people in big group if you can’t do that then went you are done with your trip to check for the exit and it’s not you would check the kids who are in small groups. To see how they are doing.

  11. You could take 3 people a and that way you know at you know one will tell the truth because there is only 2 that got sprayed. You can go by yourself because you don’t get sprayed. If they don’t find it, it is the one that no one when in.

  12. If you know your not possessed then you go somewhere else that’s not near the other people because if you if you do you have a good chance to be possessed next.

  13. Here is my guess on the solution to the TedEd temple riddle:

    You have 8 graduate students with you. Counting you you have 9. You send yourself down one. Now you have 6 non cursed students and 2 students cursed. You send 2 groups of 3 and one group of 2. If you sent a group of 4 and they all said different things your basically dead…

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