Ted Ed Video of the Week

I watched a great video on Ted Ed today. I want you to go to our blog and find the link.


Then, think about a lollipop moment in your life. Think about someone who has done one thing that has meant a great deal to you and post it in our blog.

15 thoughts on “Ted Ed Video of the Week

  1. One lollipop moment in my life was when when I got tickets to see the Bengals play the Ravens in Cincinnati. It was even better because the Bengals won.

  2. One of my lollipop moments was probaly when I caught my first catfish. Thanks to my dad He hooked it. I just can’t seem to hook them and I have tried to hook at least 5 catfishes and lost them all and the best part about it was that it was like two feet long.

  3. Maybe when one of my friends told me I had a big kick. She said you should start soccer, ever since that day I have played soccer.

  4. A lollipop moment in my life was when Mr. Haniy said” we all have a potential, we just need to find it and believe it.”

  5. One lollipop moment in my life was when I won my first competition and this was because of my mom who kept pushing me to be better and work hard.

  6. I think that my lollipop moment is that through school, I have friends that can help me get through the the whole year.

  7. A lollipop moment for me was when I got a iPhone 6 I was so excited to get one of the reasons was because of the emojis.The one person I would be thinking about is my mom because without here there would be no me and also my dad.

  8. A big moment for me was when Mrs.Park was talking to me and was saying I go beyond what I’m suppost to do to help people. That made me try harder for me to help people more. That was my lollipop moment to me.

  9. Someone on my birthday this year got me birthday present this year when I didn’t expect it. It really surprised me and it made me feel good inside.

  10. One of my lollipop moments was when we where in the we were talking about animals and how I wanted a rabbit and my mom randomly brought a rabbit that she got for me it was a lollipop moment because I had been asking and asking for a rabbit.

  11. One lollipop moment in my life was seeing the Indy 500 for the first time in person. I knew that meant a lot to my Dad becuase it was always been a tradition to go to the 500.

  12. It was when my friends were fighting with one of my friends I hated and one of my friends told me to slap them and I said no

  13. I lollipop moment is when I got 5 free tickets to the Pacers game and it was the best because they won. I was 10 years old and my mom, dad and sister came with. The other two tickets when to my friends and we all had a great time.

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