Ted Ed (01/21)

Watch this video on gratitude. After watching the video, come back to the blog and reply to the thoughts below. Respond in complete sentences. Any reply less than two sentences will be deleted.

What are you grateful for in your life?  Take a moment, slow down, and think of three things that you are thankful for.  Share it with someone.

To watch another video on being grateful, watch this video.

27 thoughts on “Ted Ed (01/21)

  1. My thoughts are that it is if you your feels and why you are feeling that happy emotion. I also thought that that one emotion called oxytocin can make people love that is crazy. I write a lot at home but, it makes me feel what am writing.

  2. I think that the vudeo is a great teaching experiece for this class. I think that because there are some peple who only care about themselves. Another thing is that some people who get saved by someone should be greatful like it said in this video.

  3. Im thankful for my parents becasue with out them i wouldent be alive. Im also thankful for my life becasue with out it if wouldent experience all the cool things i have. Finally im thankful for food becasue its so darn tastey 😉

  4. I find it weird that people have to study emotions in a brain scanner thing to understand them. Really? You have to scan someones brain to see their emotions after random gifts and stuff?!? Thats just weird. Three things I am thankful for is My Family, My Pets, My friends, etc…

  5. My thoughts about the video wanted to have me have my own journel for writing what I’m thankful for. Here are three things that I would put in my journel.

    1. I am thankful I have a family and home
    2. I am thankful that I go to school to get smarter every day.
    3. I am thankful that I have a lot of friend that are nice too.
    That is what I would put in my thankful journel if I had one.

  6. I thought that that was a cool video and how an emotion called oxytocin can make peoples relationships tighter is cool. Also gratitude isnt a thought its an emotion like why you are sad or happy. Three things that I am grateful for are my Family in which love me,my ability to dance,and good freinds and teachers!

  7. The video was interesting, because of how they explained it. I liked their study with the journals writing about three good things that happened that day. It suprised me that it made them happeir. I am grateful for my family. If I didn’t have them I would problely not be here right now, and wouldn’t really understand annoyence. Im also grateful for my friends, because I would be lonely If we weren’t friends. I don’t know what I would do without them.

  8. 1.I am grateful for my parents because without them i wouldn’t be here.
    2. I am grateful for the police because they are risking there lives to protect us.
    3. Im grateful for my friends who are there when i need them.

  9. I think that the video is right. Because when you wirte down good things that have happined to. You will only think about the good things that have happined to you and then you will be happy.

  10. My thoughts on the video is that gratitude is basicaly when you are really happy and there is nothing going wrong. Also the gradtitude is good because you happy and it will help you get better when your sick or dying because you get that one reason to live a little longer. If you make a gratitude jurnal it will make you happer because your focused on the good things not the bad things.

  11. My thoughts on the video are, i think that gratiude is important in our lives because it forces us to think about other peoples actions. By doing that we automaticly appericate the actions people do to us. For example lets say someone saves you in anyway and you look back on that and you think about how gratefull you are towards that person.

  12. I am thankful my mom and dad and stepmom because i would not be as sucsessful if i did not have them there to guide me in the right direction. I am also thankful for my amazing family they all have been there since day one after all. And the last but not least i am thankful for all the previlges i get like having a phone and little things like that because i know alot of people dont get to have the things that i get to have.

  13. 1. I am grateful for having a great family and having a home.

    2. I am also grateful for having a great school and great friends.

    3. And im grateful for having pets that will do anything to protect us.

  14. My thughts on the video were good because the second one tought you about being gratful.Also the firstvone told you about graditude.I liked the first video the most.Some things that am grateful for is food,clothes.and a house.I like those thingsbecause if you had no food you would probably be ?,and nobody wants that.?

  15. The thing that im greatful for is my family because im going on a cruse and on valintines day im flying some place.

    The other thing that im greatful for is me being able to walk and run because i was not sopost to walk or run good. But my mom prayed and rubed my ligs and now look at me i can run good in football and walk good at school.

    And im greatful for food shelter family and cloths Etc.

  16. I think that the video was teaching us that to always be grateful for things. Like if you were born. You should be thankful for that. You shoukd thankful that you are healthy, have a home, and you have shelter.

  17. I am greatful for a lot of things like let me give you an example, if Beyoncé didnt wright the song Flawless than flawless wouldn’t be my thing. I am great ful for my ife and parents if my parents didnt come to America, Indiana I would be in mexico right now and none of you would know me, also if THEY weren’t born than I would be a person in a different life I could be a girl with curly black hair and i could be French. I am greatful for EVERYTHING I have.


  18. The viedo on grattiude was cool because it was cool because it told you how to be greatful. It can come at any given moment.

  19. My thoughts are is agreeing with the guy because when i get to go to kings island im greatful and im happy when im at kings island.i think that it is true.

  20. I am thankful for Jesus dieing on the cross for our sins. 2.i am thankful for my parents. 3. I am also thankful for food and shelter and my family

  21. I am gratful for still having a family with me through the ten years of my life. I am also gratful for the shelter, water, and food my dad had worked for. The kast thing I am gratful is that I have a education and in that education. Friends are there to help me with trouble.

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