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Today, I want you to stretch your thinking. Go to Newsela and read the assigned article about Sea World and the orcas. After you read the article think of three quiz questions to put on a class test. Write them on a notecard with the correct answers.

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    1. Why won’t whales at SeaWorld get a happy ending?

    2. What Kekio the whale die of?

    3. Who helped Kekio when he was trapped in Iceland?

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    1. Why did orcas have to stop shows?
    2. Why does sea world want to keep to keep them?
    3. What movie was made about the freedom of orcas?

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    1. What do scientists, many animal welfare groups, and SeaWorld agree on?
    2. Why did SeaWorld put its new, larger killer whale exhibit on hold?
    3. According to the article, what effect did the documentary movie “Blackfish” have on the killer whales issue?

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    Ouestion: How many Orcas does the sea world in San Diego have captive?

    Ouestion: How many Orcas were given a sea pen?

    Question: What does sea world think about releasing their Orcas into ocean pens?

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    1. Why are the killer whales that live in captivity not good fit for the wild?
    2. How many killer whales were demanded that the San Diego theme park free?
    3. How much will it cost to build a pen?

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    1.why won’t they let the whales go.

    2. Why won’t sea world stop breeding whales

    3. How come their so many complaints about sea world not setting the whales free.

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    1. How much money would 1 pen, for a year would be?
    2. Who found out sea pens are not safe?

    3. What whale died and was in a movie that came out in 1993 from Sea World?

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    How many orcas dose sea world have?
    How much money dose it take to keep an orca well cared of?
    How much money dose it take to care for how ever many dolphins they have?

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    1.If you were the owners of sea world would you…
    A.send the killer whales away
    B.keep them
    C.ignore it.

    2.would you be a killer whale trainer?

    3.Would you go to a killer whale show Why?

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    1. What was Sea World accused of when people saw the documentary?
    2. What did the “Blue World” project do?
    3. Why wouldn’t the killer whales be able to make the change to sea? Explain your answer

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    1. What is the name of the whale in the 1983 movie Free willy?

    2. What is the name of the documentary movie about sea world?

    3. Where is sea world?

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    1.which film accused sea world of mistreating there orca whales

    2.witch orca whale died from lung disease in the article many whales does sea world entertainment own

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    1: In the section “Captive Orcas will always need help,” which paragraph explains the main idea of that section?

    2: For the section “No good solutions” in this article, explain to us in your own opinion. Is it true that there is no good solutions? Why put wh not?

    3: What is something Sea World and the Animale Wale Fare groups agree on?

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    1. What is this article about?
    2. Would you want to be a trainer for killer whales? Why?
    3. Why do they want killer whales?

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    1. Who is Keiko

    2. Why did Seaworld say no to giving up there orcas

    3. How many orcas and parks does Seaworld have

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    1.what year was a documentary movie released? 2013
    2. What lived in copasity? Killer Wales
    3. What is the amount of money that building makes? 5million

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    1. Why can’t the whales go into the wild?

    2. Are sea pens a good idea?

    3. If they started using pens and they used them for 1 year how much money would they have to have?

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    Kylie’s questions
    1. Question the killer whales at seaworld in . California,New York, Alabama
    2.question A document movie was released in? 2013,2017 2020,2010
    3.question. The cost of building such pens could reach? 5,000,000 , 7,000,000 , or 12,000,000

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    1. Why is the while In danger when it goes to the sea.

    2. Why do the people keep the whiles in the pens

    3.Is the while really happy in the pen

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    1.Mark Simmons was a…
    Seaworld trainor
    A scientist from a group that protects animals
    Head vet at sea world

    2.what movie was released in 2013 about orcas
    Bad fish
    Sea world gone wrong!

    3.scientist believed that orcas will…
    Be released
    Not be released

  21. 7.

    1. It gave sea world a chance to explain how to take care of killer whales.

    2. Sea world has relized that the best solution is to transfer the killer whales to another place, not build a new exhibit.

    3. The best options for the orcas are to live in protected pins.

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