Ted Ed Tuesday on a Thursday. That’s right! (01/14)

Watch the video from TedEd and this YouTube video about the octopus. Write a two paragraph response below. The first paragraph is a summary about the two videos. The second paragraph is your reflection to the two videos, your thoughts and reactions.

Respond in complete sentences in paragraph form.

22 thoughts on “Ted Ed Tuesday on a Thursday. That’s right! (01/14)

  1. In the two videos the octopusses where put in to situation.for example the octopuss has 60percent of its nerons in there tents ales so there good at solving problems.in the second video the octopuss was in a jar with a lid on it and it still found a way out.

    My reaction about the videos is amazed .because the octopuss made it out of the jar .another thing that is interesting is that 60%of the octopusses nerons go to its tenticales

  2. Octopuses have grown over the years and they have a very different body then what we do. First we humans have only one brain or I guess main thinker spot. Octopuses though have 3, one is its brain and the others are optic lobes. Octopuses have no spine and no bones and ca. Move freely around without the joints that we have.
    My thought is that if the octopuses got I tiny bit smarter then the humans might as we make them their servents. I think octopuses are really interesting, but the only thing is that I think there legs or arms are really weird looking.

  3. The two videos were about how smart octopuses are. The first video was about how they are compared to people. The second video was to show us how smart octopuses are.

    At first when I watched these videos I knew that octopuses were smart, but not that smart to escape a jar when it is fully tight. That is impressive I’m shocked about that. Octopuses are probobly one of the smartest animals.

  4. The first video I watched was TedEd.My thoughts about this video was that I was really surprised of that an octopus could camouflage.Also mimic it’s food and scare it.Also when I seen the YouTube video I was also wow that an octopus could escape the jar.

    My reaction was really the same thing as my summary wowed mind blown both videos especially the YouTube video.

  5. What happened in the first video was Ted Ed talking about how Octopi have a different way of doin things to help them survive. One example they said was this, “Oir brains have a body map that show the brain how are body is and looks. So if we want to grab an apple and eat it our brain will send out movement commands to our body that allows us to reach out, grab the apple, banned our elbow and then open our mouths and eat the apple. What second video was about showing of how Octopi adpt to their surroundings and get out of tight situations. To show of this a man put an Octopuses into a jar and sealed it off so that the Octopuses should have to adapt and escape. It toke him a few good minutes but he finally managed to use his strength to unscrew the lid.

    I think that thes where really cool videos. I also think that it is really cool that Octopi is counsiderd to be one of the worlds most intellengent animals, and that’s impressive, I mean, they don’t even have bones.

  6. Summary: Both videos show extremely unique behaviors proving that we are not the only living being on earth that is intelligent. The octopuses in both videos showed intelligence animated and real. The TedEd Video explained the body structures and brain structures. The YouTube video proved octopuses have the ability to escape tight spaces and do extrodinary things using intelligence and strategy not brute force ⚒.

    My reaction to both videos: Wow. These marine animals are extremely intelligent and have proven it on more than enough occasions. I am impressed and surprised.

  7. Well the Ted Ed video showed you of how they think and of how they move. The second video proved the point of the Ted Ed video that they have there arms for many things like for creativity and for puzzles.
    What the octopus did in the second video was just shocking and amazing. What it said in the video was right. There tentacles are made for really cool puzzles and creativity. The first one gave you like I said they gave you of how they move and receive motions. I think that the second video was like as if the octopus was spider because spider man can climb walls and stick to things. That was how sorta the suction cups on it tentacles worked. It gives it a command to suck things and then to release it.

  8. My favorite thing in the videos would half to be all about how octopuses have different nervous systems than humans and they both have brains but octopuses brain is a lot bigger that the human brain and also how when we see food our joints move to grab it and when an octopus sees food there brain sends messages to the arms saying that they want that thing so the tentacles of the octopus will try and sneak up onto the food and will pounce on the food until they will get the food and eat it

    My thoughts on the video is that it was extremely weird because we already know what the human body is like and I thought that the Ted Ed videos are supposed to try and make you think and in that one did not make me think At all because it is just telling me that they completely have different nervous systems than the humans and in the second video did make me think because the octopus unscrewed the lid and I thought that it was really creepy and it was interesting at the exact same time.

  9. The first video was about a how a octopus and it was talking about the body and its brain and compare it to us. The second video was about the octopus in a jar and how it can just do it and not have to think it just does it.
    I think the first video was cool it make want to learn more about octopus and there body and brain. I think the second video was awesome because it got out and he don’t even think he or she just does it.

  10. Octopuses have a very different body, than a human body. We only have one brain, while octopuses have 3 brains or thinker spots. They move around without the joints we have. They also have no bones. The videos really show how smart they are. They are most likely smarter than us. Counting their brains.
    My reaction was kinda disgusted, then amazed. Who knew they could do that. It quite impressed me. It was also pretty mind blowing.

  11. Video 1. The octupes body can bend in all different ways so it can open jars and grab stuff like crabs without thinking about it.

    I thought that the video was amazing cause it taught us about octupes and its abilitys to open jars and do all sorts of stuff I think that it is really cool cause I like octopuses.

  12. The two videos had a little in common the both show how a octupus has changed to know ho to learn and do stuff. They have changed so they can open thing, attack, bend and, change color. They have changed by making it. So the neurons go to there bode instead of the brain so they can do more things with. There body so they can survive and do more things.

    My reaction was there cool and how do they manage to do all that stuff it just doesn’t seem possible to do. But then after they explained it I understood how they did by making it so all the neurons go too the body so they could do more stuff.

  13. The video were under the range of being able to use their bodies to get out of situations and how they are able to use their brain. The first video was about how octopuses can use there body to do certain things. The second one is primarily showing a octopus get out of a jar.

    I thought the second video was cool how it showed prof that the first video was all true. The first one did well on how it had a ton of facts of the topic.

  14. The two videos were telling us how octopuses are the same as us and one of the things that they said is they can untwist stuff like us. And that were saying how they are different from us.

    I never would have thought that octopuses would be able to open stuff the way we can open stuff I wonder in sharks or dolfins or other sea animals can open jars and stuff like we can.

  15. The two octopus were demonstrating two different examples of what they can do. They used there intelligence to open a jar,catch food,and blend in there surroundings

    My reaction was I liked the cartoon I thought it was cute and when I got to the real octopus I was a little grossed out but thought it was cool

  16. This was about a octopus life it’s like facts about what it does and how it gets out of a jar. Like when it told us about it not having any bones I thought was really really cool. I’m really surprised they don’t have have bones I thought they had more then we do but I guess not.

    I thought this was pretty cool how they get out I jars no matter how tight it is. I would want to have that type of strength. I also thout it was cool how they don’t have bones and they can move there hands like anywhere I also wish I could do that.

  17. In the first video by Ted Ed was about octopuses and that they don’t have any bones and have more than one brain! It also showed us how we reach out to grab our food like in muscle memory but octopuses have certain behavior when they see their food. In both videos an octopuse was put in a situation and they both got out of it.

    I was pretty amazed at the fact that they have no bones! I also thought that it was so cool that they could get out of situations like that!

  18. I didn’t know that the octopuses were so smart, there intelligente. So in the first one they explained how the octopuses were smart and in the second one it shows a REAL OCTOPUS GETTING OUT OF A JAR THATS AWESOME.

    My thoughts and reaction are same but different. My reaction was like woah cool octopuses can solve puzzles and things like that. And my thoughts were this is very interesting animals can be very smart. Well a lot of animals are so art not just octopuses.


  19. I didn’t know that the octopuses were so smart, there intelligente. So in the first one they explained how the octopuses were smart and in the second one it shows a REAL OCTOPUS GETTING OUT OF A JAR THATS AWESOME.

    My thoughts and reaction are same but different. My reaction was like woah cool octopuses can solve puzzles and things like that. And my thoughts were this is very interesting animals can be very smart. Well a lot of animals are so art not just octopuses.

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