Ted Ed Tuesday 12/15

Today, we are going to look at a piece of equipment that is utilized daily for exercise. However, it’s history isn’t quite as healthy. View the video and post your reactions to the video below. What other thoughts or questions do you have?

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32 thoughts on “Ted Ed Tuesday 12/15

  1. What I want to find more about is that why they made it so cruel and now have it as an exercise machine. And if you they wanted more people why are they killing them

  2. I think it was a good way to punish prisoners that we’re going to go to die for punishment because if your on that treadmill you might die but you still have a chance to live.

    • Your post started out on the right track, but I got confused with the last part. I wasn’t sure what point you were trying to make.

  3. I would never think that the treadmill had such a dark path. The question I have is “Who brought the treadmill back to regular life and did they know the treadmill dark path?”

  4. I wonder why they where that cruel to prisoners back then whith treadmills? because if they couldn’t keep going they would fall of and they where given hardly any food .

    • I would say it is kind of fair because that has a chance that you can live, but in the old day when they didn’t have the treadmill they would just kill them so I think it’s fair

  5. I think that’s it’s kinda weird that prisoners had to ride a tread meal for 6 hours every 5 days. I think it’s weird because now they like clean stuff outside. But it was a long time ago so things were different then. That’s why I think it’s weird.

  6. My thoughts on this video were that I didn’t like how cruel they were being to the prisoners 6 hours is a lot and if they aren’t aloud to jump off or they might hurt themselves I don’t think that’s fair

  7. I wonder why that it was used to torture so long. I think it was weird that somebody made the treadmill back in a different way to work out. I think that because it used to be a torture device.

  8. Once I Looked at the video I found it pretty interesting like they actually use the treadmill for punishment.Wow I thought it for workouts only.Also on average the prisoners would walk 5,000-14,000 feet.That’s halfway through mt.Erevrest.Over all that is just cruel.

  9. I wonder why they would do that to prisoners, because you don’t want them to be fit and have a better chance to escape. But then again it would be hard to escape, because they would be so wore out, and it is also a punishment for whatever they did. So I think it was a good idea. Good thing today you can just hop off when you want.

  10. My reaction: WHAAT THAT IS SO CRAZY. I would be so tired, 6 HOURS that’s just too much. My legs I would probably… maybe… let go because it’s too muck work. It’s so interesting because we have one outside. I think if I was a prisoner I would be so annoyed, mad, sad, and in pain.

  11. What I want know is why they used that as torture and why they even considered it. The reason I ask this is because to me I could go 6 hours on a tread mill and be warn out but not think its torture, what I would think is…..

    “I just got a really good work out!”

  12. I thought that this video was a little mean because prisoners had to walk or else they would risk falling. I still wonder why the treadmills were the punishment out of all thinks. I thought that is sad because they are forced to keep working

  13. Why is the treadmill a suitable punishment for people who have possibly committed murders? Why the treadmill? If they knew they were only feeding the prisoners enough to not starve them why make them do that kind of labor? History was WEIRD.

  14. I think it’s a little crazy how back then it was used as a torture device and today it is used as a good thing to help you loose pounds. I think it’s not really fair that they had to get on the treadmill for six hours with barely any food so I am glad that today we can control when we get on and off.

  15. I was shocked that they used that as a punishment for English people in prison. I thought that they would have a rope o their neck and pull people that were commanding them on a thing that people used for horses. People rode it if they had money. That was like a old taxi for the back then. I was just like they used that. But they did it and the treadmill got its name from people running and the running turning into energy. They had to keep on running and they would take a risk falling. Whatever, then it said they would do it for 5 up to 7 hours doing that. Then I realized that I can only do 2 hours because my parents don’t want me to get super skinny. Then it said that is the half point of Mount Everest. Then I remember reading a article from my sisters 5th grade class. Mount Everest was the tallest mountain there was. I was like wow how do they still,I’ve. But then it said that some would get injured. They also didn’t get much food. Then they banned that.

  16. It was made in 1818

    the person who made it is William cubitt

    the prisoner spent 6 hours on it

    It was first in Britain

    it came to America in 1911

  17. I felt bad for the prisoners why would they do that because it makes then skinny. The worst thing is that they walked half the MT. Everest.

  18. It really suprised me that a treadmill used to be a torture device. So people have been exercising on a torture device for years?

  19. I thought that this video was scared because prisoners had to walk or else they would risk falling. I still wonder why the treadmills were the punishment out of all thinks. I thought that is sad because they are forced to keep working.

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