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28 thoughts on “Tuck Videos

    • Star- I like the examples you put in your video like how you fired your aunt, because it really went along with your video.
      Star- I like the music and effects you put in the beginning of your video.
      Wish-I wish you made your video a little bit longer and it would have been a little better.

    • Star-I like how you read cleanly
      Star-I like how you put interesting pictures
      Wish-I wish you put a little more stuff into it or make it a little longer that would be a little better

    • Star-I like how you were confident and loud and clear
      Star-You had a good sense of humor throughout the video

      Wish:be more careful with sound effects and voice interfering but for the most part you did pretty good

    • Star- I liked how you put a lot of evidence in your video, and why things were happening in the book. The evidence helped a lot with your answers.
      Star- I liked the pictures you used because they went along with the questions very well.
      Wish-I wish you typed out your words in your video because it would have been easier to read.

    • I like how you made it interesting and you had nice photos. I think you should have added background music thought. Great Job!

    • I liked how you told us a summary and it was a great summary of the book. I wish you would of in the first part not making us read it.

    • What I liked about your prechen tation was that how you responded to the question. One thing I did not like was how quite you where

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