Blogging Challenge #3

This week is going to be a chance for you to write about something you are passionate about relating to nature.

For this activity, nature is defined as everything not made by man.

What topics might this include?

  • animals
  • plants and trees
  • rocks and fossils
  • stars and planets
  • landscapes – mountains, rivers, volcanoes, oceans etc

As long as the topic has nothing to do with being made by humans, then you should be able to write about it.

Having read many of your posts, I came up with the following essentials in a great post.

  1. catchy title
  2. includes at least two visuals whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like padlet, glogster, wordle etc
  3. interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through, shows well researched topic
  4. well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
  5. shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
  6. written in paragraphs – at least three of them
  7. includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least two of these
  8. attribution for any images, video, music or clip art used – including those used in slideshows etc

Remember to come back here and leave a comment including the URL of your post once it has been published by either you or your teacher. I will only be visiting those that have the correct URL in the comment.

23 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge #3

    • Michelle, thank you so much for the effort! Your post is moving in the right direction. Good introduction and a great summary. I like the timeline.

    • This is a great next step in your posts. I would like to read about some of the evidence you’ve found. I think it would be interesting to read about some of the opinions people have. It’s okay to share opinions and thoughts as long as you let your audience know they are not facts. Keep moving in the right direction.

    • This is a solid three paragraph summary. I wonder if there are different ways to share the information in the third paragraph? Could you use a chart or graph? I don’t know, but there may be a more appealing way to present the numbers to your audience. Keep up the great work!

    • This is a post moving in the right direction. You have good details focused on your facts. We will work on the other elements. Keep up the good work.

    • This is a step in the right direction. I love your graphics. Don’t forget to put a caption of the website you used to get them.

      Couple of ideas. Be sure to reread your post. There are a number of grammar mistakes. Also, don’t put a bunch of space between your paragraphs and images.

      You’re moving in the right direction!

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