Ted Ed Tuesday… On a Wednesday (11/18)


View the video. After viewing the video, I want you to reflect on the message of the video. How did the two descriptions of the same person differ? What does that say about our self-image? How do you view yourself? How differently might your classmates view you?

Post your thoughts below. Remember to review your post before posting.

44 thoughts on “Ted Ed Tuesday… On a Wednesday (11/18)

  1. I think the message was that people think of you more nice and beautiful than just what you think of your self. It said to not worry about how you think people think of you and to work on what you love to do. You should not change who you are.

    • I’m not sure that is the point. If you look at the questions I asked you to think about it focuses on self-image. What you think about yourself and how it compares to what others think. Reread the questions and think about them before posting again.

    • If you look at the questions I asked you to think about it focuses on self-image. What you think about yourself and how it compares to what others think. Reread the questions and think about them before posting again.

  2. The pictures differs by one looking kind of ugly and the other one looking more pretty. This says that when we start judging our self we consider ourself a bunch of thing ps that we are not. I view my self as cool, funny and athletic. Some class mates might look at me as annoying, not so cool, and not so athletic

  3. The one that the person did the self was like a fatter face and a fatter chin and the on the strangers did were like they looked way younger and they thought that they looked younger when they looked at them and the were all like WOW I can’t believe this people think that I am skinnier that I look.

  4. I personally think that the person who was talking about them self, they must if thought if there personality and not about how they looked like. I personally think that maybe the people that were talking about that person was just trying to be nice and want to make them beautiful because they didn’t know what was going to happen,so they must if described the person in s good way because they thought that the artist was going to show the person wpfrom there perspective and from your perspective of how they look like.

  5. I think that the message was to not think of yourself as ugly but to think that your beautiful to not think bad of yourself but look postive of yourself.

  6. The message in the video was about being true to who you are and your better than you think you are. The discription they would say of is better than you think you are. I thought I was just a normal kid who likes sports. Now I think of myself as a nice person. I think some of my classmates think I am nice and funny.

  7. I view my self as a friendly smart Person. My classmates might view me as someone how is friendly. How the two pictures of the same Person where different was how the person deskribed them self was way different.

    • I want you to reread this and see what changes you would make so it reads better. Also, think about the questions. Try to answer them completely not quickly.

  8. It’s like to if you think you are the most ugliest thing ever,people probably think you’re the most beautiful thing ever.

    • I want you to do two things. Go back and reread the questions. Think about how you would respond to all of them, and reread your post. What changes can you make to answer all of the questions?

      Answer completely not quickly.

  9. The two images differed because one was what the women thought they looked like and felt they looked like. Then the second one was what they actually looked like. I view myself as someone who will stand up for others if needed. My class might view me differently.

  10. In different peoples point of view, I think you would always look different. They differed by how they acted around them. The lady at the end seemed disappointed with one of her pictures. Our self image to other people than ourself is different. People probably act crazy when they are alone, but when they are around people they are not themself. I really don’t know how my classmates view me.

  11. I see myself with ugly brown hair, but Perfect blue eyes. I think my self esteem is bad because I see: I’m too fat, I’m just a slob, and my uncontrollable hair. My classmates could see me as mean and selfish.

  12. Well I thought that the video that we wacthed was very interesting because,what you see in yourself can sometimes not br true.I see my self as a girl with well I can’t really think of it other than a big nose.I think my friends also view me as a pretty little girl.

  13. The two descriptions of the same person were VERY different. The one were they were talking about themselves was a little more (I don’t really want to say this but it is true) ugly,it looked a lot more un-friendly and the way they described themselves was “harsh”. But when the other people that talked to them and then described them the picture looked more prettier and friendlier. My classmates probably do see me differently than I see my (rather ugly) self.

    • “Same here.” How is this a response? You were asked several questions. Go back to the questions and respond to them, please.

  14. The drawings on the same people differed because I remembered looking at one that looked a little sadder and depressed, then the other drawing on the same person to me looked a little more happier and bright. My self image I think is more like my dads. We are strongly built and short.

  15. The girl with short hair thought she was sad and lonely but, the person discribe dyer as a happy and friendly person. I think of myself of having short hair. A kind, helpful person.

    • I want you to reread this and see if you reflected on all the questions asked above. See what changes you would make for clarity.

  16. The way the people in this video discribed themselves as some person they ugly mean and nobody likes them. But then this stranger comes and discribed them as some pretty nice not mean and some one everybody wants to be around and they are very nice. So over all I thinke this video message was you shouldn’t judge yourself and other people think that you are actuall nice and pretty.

  17. It says that you are beautiful even those you think that you are not other see only beautiful I think that my self is good.

    • This is a good start. I want you to do two things. Reread this to see how well it reads, and revisit the questions to see if you can answer them completely not quickly.

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