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School Vouchers (Week 4)
What if we just focused spending our money on improving public schools and the education system all together? The school system is great at teaching students how to memorize facts long enough to be able to take a test and hopefully pass it. Teach (More)
ObamaCare - good or bad?
  ObamaCare, also called the Patient Protectent and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was signed on March 23, 2010 and the Supreme Court upheld it on June 28, 2012. The aim was to give more citizens acces (More)
Military Spending (week 4)
Overall, Americans know that the country sunk into billions dollars of debt. Why? Americans have to be the best, which includes having the best military. The military in America should be c (More)
Ban Affirmative Action
Affirmative action is a direct outcome of the 1960\'s civil rights movement. These policies are where institutions or organizations improve opportunities for historically disadvantaged minorities. Much has been debated on this matter and one one (More)
Military spending (week 3)
The United States is a super power and has the best military in the world. However, having the best military in the world does not come cheap. The United States nation debt is is about 17.5 trillion dollars and is rising by an average of 2.5 bill (More)
Obama Care is VERY beneficial.
I Started the video of with answering some of the questions people had. SO basically I think people have the wrong view about obama care or the affordable care act. It will be highly befecial to everyone who needs insurence and those people who are d (More)
Affirmative Action Week 3
School Voucher Programs: The unanswered questions
http://youtu.be/Ml3SZt1pcG8   Introduction: One controversial issue present in our economy today is the school voucher program. Many favor the issue because it provides an opportunity for lower class families to send their children to a s (More)
Military Spending Week 2
Group 2 Military Spending In 2013, the government spent $643 billion dollars on military and defense spending alone. The US and its allies spend 60% of worldwide military spending, which is about 18 times he combined military spending of \"rogue n (More)
School Vouchers Redux
Introduction: America remains a place where public education is greatly valued and its citizens take pride in being taxpayers towards the educational system except when public education no longer exists as a non-competitive market but as a market whe (More)
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