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How to Identify Minerals
Indentifying minerals: Step One- examine each mineral sample in the tray to ensure you can identify the sample with its letter. Step Two- observe the physical characteristic of each sample making note of luster and color and assess the crystal (More)
How to ID minerals
1) Look at the color 2) Consider any defining characteristics 3) Study the luster 4) Test the hardness 5) See what color the streak is   (More)
How to: Identify Minerals
1) Look at your mineral. What do you see? Look at the color. What color is it? 2) Now, look at its crystalline structure. Does it have a lot of crystals, none, or some? 3) Have you checked wether your mineral is cleavage or fracture? If you hav (More)
How to Identitfy Minerals in 5 Easy Steps!
1. First, you look at the color of the mineral. 2. Second, you test the hardness and look at the color of the streak of your mineral. 3. Third, you look at the crystal characteristics and decide if it is fracture or cleavage. 4. Fourth, if y (More)
How to Identify Minerals
1.) Look for any specific or unique properties that belong to a certain mineral. Ex: specific streak or color, magnetism, double refraction property, tastes salty, (More)
Identify Minerals In 7 Easy Steps!
Observe the mineral. Check out its unique features. Think \"how is this different from the other minerals?\" Identify the luster The way the mineral reflects light is a major step in determining what mineral it is. The luster could resin (More)

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