Blood on the River:Reverend Hunt’s death

In Blood on the River,chapter 21, it says reverend Hunt dies.During Samuel’s final moments with him,he says that he learned many things from him.One of those things is that he should be friends with people and not enemy.Also that people will do better if they work together or “stand on many legs”.He also said that he needs to channel his anger so it can become his strength,not his weakness.He also learned that somethings you can only pray to stop.Finaly,he said that he should never act in anger,and to always act in love.

Blood on the river:the fire

In blood on the river,it said the men who went to dig for gold left their midnight fire on and the fire’s ambers set fire to the house and soon the whole fort was on fire.My reaction when it started was “THEY’RE ALL GOING TO DIE,NOOOOOO”.I think they could of prevented it by putting their fires out so the ambers won’t fly around and set fire.