imageToday we went on a field trip to the Eiteljorg museum. It is in Indiana that is all about the native Americans. I learned lots of new information and I saw a lot of different paintings. My favorite time when we had the tour was when she told totem pole stories. My favorite story was the raven story. It was about a that knew he was very handsome but it was super dark so he couldn’t see if that was true. But one day raven heard there was a man in the sky who had stars and the sun. So he went in his drink and he drank him and then he was reborn as a human. So one day he saw that the man had boxes so he asked if he could play with one of the boxes and the man said yes because he loves him very much so he shacked then he opened it but nothing was in there. The next day he did the same thing but this time the box had stars in there. Then the next day he asked again but the man’s daughter said no because he lost one of his praised possessions but the man said that they aren’t anything compared to him so raven as a human shacked another box and he opened it and then more stars came out. The next day the same thing happened but the box was heavy and when he opened it the whole sun came out and then raven turned bake to normal and flew away and the man was sad but he saw his daughter smiling at the new lights and because of that the man was happy as well.

tep’s actions

Tep’s action’s affected his relationship with his mom by trying to support rats because he turns into one at night.He also affected his relationship with his dad because he had to convince his dad that rats aren’t bad.He also affected to relationship with the pothuanters by chewing the wires in their car and freeing dusty his dog who could sniff for artifacts.He also affected his relationship with kokopelli by playing the flute so he turns into a rat and when that happened, he later discovered kokopelli. He also affected his relationship with his dog dusty by having Dusty to get used to him becoming a rat every night.

Introducing game talk

Hello and welcome to game talk.Game talk is where we share theories,news,and updates about, you guessed it,games!The most common games I will talk about is FNAF,Plants vs. Zombies 2,Minecraft,Splatoon,and Roblox.If there is a game that has some popularity then put it in the comments.I will put the names or YouTube names of the people I got theories from and if the theory is from me then I will say if it’s mine and that you need my permission to use it.If a update is coming soon then I will post what date it will come out if it says what date it will come out.So if you like video games,then this blog is for you.