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Last day

This is our last day reading Mainac Magee (yeah).

What i think to my self that the most importent part of the story is when Greyson dies. I think that because, MM=Jeffery, and Greyson where really good firends.

Greydon was always really nice to MM. And it just herts to hear that. One thing that i think is i think that i loved this book because, it is really really relistic, amd exploring. Im saying these thing because you can think of all these things on what will happen next but there is so much once you start reading the whole book.

Maniac Mcgee

the part that most affected me is when Greyson died. It affected me because it hert MMs fellings. They had the best thanksgiving togeather until this happened. So i think it really really herts the person who past when Greyson was really really nice to MM.

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Mainac magee

today are class is reading about this book called ” Mainac Magee “. There is this kid named Jeffery but people call him Maina. Im going to tell you guys about him. He’s and orphan, really fast runner, he does’nt see what things mean, alergic to pizza. He has alot of people who lile him.

Letter to jessica

Dear Jessica,

i would want to come with you if you would ever invite me because I want to see what nature is about and I also think we would have fun together, and that I would love to come and help you take care and protect the animals that are on that island.

George Washington

George Washington effected the war by being the leader and he wanted the people to do what he wants right so the people can have rights and freedom to there own and no slaves just like the British.

Running out of time.

What i think is I think that she is being really careing. Because she cares about her family. And she says that she will kinda do what ever it takes to save her sister.

Blood on the river.

Ok so what happened to Smith. So what happened is Captin smith got burned and no one knows why he got burned. And what I think is u think that it was planned because they wanted or I should say tried to send him back to England. The reason he had to go back to England is because is leg wa burnt. So right know in the book he is waiting for another ship to send him back and he is bring someone.

Blood on the river

It helps them communicate by telling them ¬†what they are saying and telling them on what’s to do and if we didn’t have that in the world then how would you have to tell them that you want them to do something but they just don’t understand.

BLOOD on the RIVER!!

There is a lot of relationships in this story, and there is a lot of changes and also how Samule and the others connected. One of the relationships is Samule and Captin John Smith. They are very close like they have some things in commun. But there is one more thing that Samule has a relationship to and do you know whothat is. I will give you one hint it is a boy I think I remember that they got in a fight and they where mad at each other so but someone had to go to the bathroom and so then Captin John smith had to teach them a lesson. Ok fine I am done giving you a hint his name is…. Richard they had an relationship between each other.


So so thereis one change that happened in this book so first they where on the water and they where tiered because they where trying ri find land. But guess what happened they did find land but they had to get some stuff off the ship Simon e when they did that they had to start building so tents and log cabins fo them to sleep in. But listen to this



Blood in the river

In the book Blood in the River there can be lots of relationships. One of them is when James is beating Samuel after everything he has done.

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