Maniac Magee Theme

I have been reading the book Maniac Magee, well I just finished. We were assigned to find the theme of the book. I think the theme is acceptance. I think this because Amanda accepted Maniac into her family. Also Grayson, someone Maniac meets later in the story.   Well, I hope you learned the theme […]

Maniac Magee

Hi, if you have read my other blogs you have heard about the book Maniac Magee. What we were assigned to do today from our teacher is write the them of this book, so I am gonna tell you what I think. Also just to let you know I reccomand reading this book, because I […]

Maniac Magee

Hi my name is Mason, At my school we are reading a book called Maniac Magee. What I am gonna talk about in this blog is about this character, so let’s get started.   Maniac Magee is not your normal kid. When he was younger is parents died and he went to live with his […]

Borneo trip

I read a article called “Chasing Orangutans”. It’s about a girl and her family finding information about Orangutans. I am signed if she invited me what would I write ┬áback. What I would write is Dear Jessica, I would love to go! Thanks for inviting me. I love monkeys. I can’t wait to see you […]

Sophia’s War

In school I am reading a book called “Sophia’s War” In groups. We signed a project to blog about how a character or main character impacted on the revolutionary War. The main character in my book, Sophia has an impact in the war because she was a spy and found information about the war and […]

At my school we are reading a book called Sophia’s War and I am gonna tell you actions or sayings that characters said to tell what kind of person they are. A action that the character Sophia did that made her brave was she went to the doctor by herself with British soldiers out there […]

Running Out of Time

In the book I am reading called Running out of time a girl named Hannah does something really surprising and I am gonna talk about it. I was surprised when Hannah tripped me.Seward because she is usually afraid to do something,like a scary cat and she tripped a teacher! Also I am surprised because she […]