Maniac Magee

Hi my name is Mason, At my school we are reading a book called Maniac Magee. What I am gonna talk about in this blog is about this character, so let’s get started.


Maniac Magee is not your normal kid. When he was younger is parents died and he went to live with his aunt and uncle. The thing he didn’t like was they hated each other, but since they were Christian’s they didn’t believe in divorce, so one day at a school play Maniac ran away. He went far! After his crazy adventures around places, he met a girl who is now his adopted sister because he got adopted by her family. As a child kids don’t like to do chores, but Maniac did. He loved his new family aswell. How I would explain Maniac Mcgee is a brave, sweet, and kind. Well I hope you enjoyed my blog! Bye!!

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