Character relationship

In my book the main character is Malala. Malala is effected by her mom because when there was a earthquake her mom started crying and Malala got really sad that she was crying. So they were both effected, but the mom wasn’t effected about character relationship.The good think is no one got hurt in the […]


  The Eitlejorg Museum is an awesome! My favorite part was going outside and going to the river and see ducks. The totolom pole was really high that was in the middle of the stairs. The baby riddle seemed really small and looks like a tortcher thing.    

Tep’s actions

Kokopelli’s Flute   Tep affected his Dad by making him mad that a he eats his seeds when he is a a rat. Tep effect the pot hunters by biting holes in their boots. Also he effected the pot hunters ┬áby throwing a burning bush at them. Tep affected his mom by getting her sick.

all about Kentucky kingdom

Hi this is Mason I am going to tell you about the time I went to Kentucky kingdom witch was last weekend. They had AWESOME roller coasters. My favorite ride that was there is probably fear fall. My second favorite was lightning run and my third favorite was probably cyclos. They had really good pizza. […]