Maniac magee prt 3

The theme of maniac magee is you find friends in so many places and my evidence is when magee met mars bar and he met amanda beale and jhon,pipper, and russell McNab. He also met Grayson and the Pickwells. He met mars bar and amanda beale at the east end and he met Grayson the McNab kids and the Pickwells and the bullies, the cobras, and the junor cobras at the west end.

Maniac magee prt 2

In maiac magee the book there was a guy named grayson and the main character jeffry magee and my teacher asked me a question and it was what part of the book has affected you and in what way? That part in when grayson dies and it made me so sad that i actully cried and what made me cry was…

most mornings Grace would be the first one out of bed he would turn on the space heater at the bandshell lavatory then heat up some water get breakfast ready and family wake up to play with a gentle shake on the shoulder and December thirdieth, it was silence That woke up maniac,and the cold, the space heater was not turned on and no steaming cups were on the table, the old man was still under the covers. Maniac when over “Grayson” he shook the old man “Grayson” he took the old mand hand it was cold “grayson” . He didn’t run to superintendent’s office,he  didn’t run to the nearest house, he knew. He held the cold limp hand that had thrown the pitch that had struck out willie mays, that had betrayed the old man’s stoic ways by giving him a squeeze.

Maniac magee’s life prt: 1

In the book maniac magee their is a boy named jeffery magee who runs away and meets a sweet girl named amanda beale who was the first to stop and talk to magee and she gave him a book to read then when he was chased down by some bullies and and was chaesed into the east end and then a black group of kids main kid named mars bar offered a bit of his candy bar to magee and magee accepted then he chased magee for it and then ripped the book magee was barrowing then amanda came and got the book a magee and then the beale family invited him to stay with them and he has a good life with them but people bully the family for adoting a white child and calling him theirs.

A letter to Jessica

Dear Jessica,

i am so glad you invited me to go to Borneo,Indonesia I can’t wait to study the magnifasent orangutans there with you and your family I remember reading that you have been going there since you were three  it must be fun going to study such beautiful animals and your mom has been studying them for 25 years and now your following her footsteps and thank you again for letting me come I really do appreciate it a lot and I hope we have really fun adventures together there in Borneo and we’ll study the orangutans and I hope to see you there soon


Your friend,dacagols fairbairns

Character relationships

Mason and hunter seem to not get along very well and I think thats why gamenight left so he doesn’t have to listen their fighting.i think that gamenight likes stitcher and so he saved hunter to impress her and get closer to wining her over even if he has to hear hunter and mason fight.gamenight and erubus are worst enemies and the really want to kill each other because gamenight wants to save minecraft and erubus wants to destroy minecraft.

Drawing the marionette fnaf

Hi my name is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And I love fnaf but it doesn’t even matter how many times I try to draw something else because it always becomes the puppet but any was here’s stuff about me.


I like pizza,cake,ice cream,milk,hot cocoa,and SKYDOSEMINCRAFT  I LOVE HIM HES MY SENPAI………………NOT REALLY HAHAHA