Theme of MM

They are lots of themes to this book but I think the theme of this book is courag because you see courag. I think this because caring was shown through out the book. All the way from the begining to the end For example it took courag to think that he could strike out Mcnab and he had courag to run away when he knew he would have no home, and when he saved Russel from the side of the building.

Maniac megee

In the first part of the book Maniac Megee had parents and everything then they were killed in a trolly aciedent and then MM was a orphan he was adopted by his aunt and uncle and they hated each other so he ran away, then he got older and he saved a kid then chalenged a kid in baseball and caught a football then he got a book from a girl named amenda, and know he wants to go home.


I would say this,



Thank you for asking but no, I don’t like wild life unless I am in a house were no wild life could get in, because I don’t like snakes, spiders, and other killing things, and orangutans throw poop at you when they get scared, and I don’t want to be brown and slimy.