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Blood on the river relationships

In blood on the river Samuel the main character makes many decisions that effect his relationships. One of the relationships is one between Samuel and Richard, at first they were both very mean to each other but in chapter ten Samuel tried to save him by putting Richard under the mattress.

Characters relationships

I am reading a book called Auggie and me. It is the sequal of a book called wonder. When I was reading I was thinking and taking notes on the character relationships.

One of the relationships was with a boy named Julian and his mother. in their relationship they effected each other by always being there for each other and when something happens they would always stand up for each other.

I think that the book is really good so far.







Today  when we went to the Etileljorg. I learned a lot about cool paintings. My favorite one was a painting that had a gun that was always pointing at you! We also got to see a totem pole! We also got to walk along the canal. My group and I got to see a giant mammoth! I had a lot of fun.image

Tep’s actions

Tep’s actions affected his Dog Dusty, dad, and the pot hunters. He affected his Dad by running around the house making a mess. That affected him because now his dad wants to catch him. He affected Dusty by when he turned into a rat dusty had to adapt to Tep riding on his back all the time. Finally he affected the pot hunters by making them think he was going to steal there pots.

All about Meredith

Hi my name is Meredith! And this is all about me! So first of all I’m a Noblesville miller. I love maranda sings!!! I also love to dance, I go to dance alot almost every day! In my freetime I like to play with my beasties! Some of my best friends are Katie, Ryann. I love playing with my dog holly!

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