April 2016 archive

Maniac Magee Theme

Our 5th grade class recently finished the book Maniac Magee. I thuoght this book was entertaining and I recomend it. But in this blog i’m going to be discussing what I think the theme of the book is. In this book there is lots of action so I think the theme of the book is always be brave. That means that you should always take risks and be creative. I think that is the theme because, like I said before there is lots of action. And in most of the book Maniac Magee has to be brave and make face pretty hard problems.

Maniac Magee week 2

One part of the book that afected me was actually in part one, it  was when the Cobras were chasing Magee. This afected me beacuse Was very scared that Magee was going to get hurt. I think that Magee is very brave for doing the things that he did in part one and two.

Character blog

Our class has been reading the first part of the book Maniac Magee. In the book we have been taking notes abuot the main character (Maniac Magee) Here are some of my notes. 1: Maniac Magee runs away from hos aunt and uncle. 2: He is an orphan. And finally 3, Manac Magee can’t really tell that most people don’t like him.