November 2015 archive

The World expands

Over this month in social studies we have been learning about Euripean explores finding North America. This entire lesson we have been thinking about one question, have the Americas been discovered or conquered? Since we have finished the lesson I am going to tell you about my opinion.


what I think is that the Americas were conquered because one, the Indians or native Americans were there before the explorers. Also because eventually the settlers the Indians made peace or an agreement.

Blood on the river “the fire”

When the fire started I became VERY scared, manly because I wasn’t sure what ¬†was going to happen next. And when the fire destroyed the food I was worried because now they will have nothing to eat, but then I thought about the chickens what if they were still alive then they would still have food. Lastly I felt bad for the gentleman and everyone else because they spent time and worked very hard on building it and now I was all destroyed, I know that if that happens to me I would be upset.

Blood on the river relationships

In blood on the river Samuel the main character makes many decisions that effect his relationships. One of the relationships is one between Samuel and Richard, at first they were both very mean to each other but in chapter ten Samuel tried to save him by putting Richard under the mattress.