Maniac Magee Theme

Hello world! Today, me and my other classmates have finished reading Maniac Magee. And our assignment is to write a theme in Maniac Magee. So one major theme that I think was in Maniac Magee was racism. Why I think that is because the black and white people are very devided. The black and white people didnt get along very well in the book either. One part of the book is that there were white kids that were playing a game and that white boys hide while the other white boys had to seek. But the seekers had to be black. And none of the kids did not want to be black. Which to me was kind of racist to me.

Maniac Magee

Today I read Maniac Magee and I am supposed to write what I was mostly affected by. So I was affected by when Maniacs parents died in a car crash. This affected me because if my parents died I would be VERY affected by that. So thats the one thing that affected me.

Maniac Magee

For the last week, I have been reading a book called Maniac Magee. Today I’m supposed to make a blog about what the main characters life has been so far. The main characters name is Maniac. So here’s how it is so far. Maniac’s life has been pretty good. Exept at the begging where his parents died. Maniac is this strange person. But this one girl was the first person to talk to Maniac. Which is kind of a big milestone for him… I think. This girls name is Amanda. So after a few more pages into the book, I think his life has gotten even better. This family named the Beals let Maniac live at their house. This was acutlly suprising to me cause who would let a strange kid live in thier house. But anyway, when Maniac moved in he was very responsible. He would clean up after himself, he would make the bed, and he would help clean the Beal’s kids get cleaned. So I would say that his life is going pretty well.

George Washington’s Socks

Today my class is learning about the Revolutionary War. So we’re in groups reading Revolutionary War books. Our groups book is called George Washington’s Socks. And we’re supposed to tell about the main character and how they impact in the war. So, the main character in my book “George Washington’s Socks” the main character is George Washington. George Washington impacts the war because he is the one who lead the troops, he fed the troops, and kept them safe.

Blood On The River

In Blood On The River Captian John Smith was hit with a fire from a musket and his leg got set on fire and than he jump in the river to put out to fire. So either it was an accident or not. In my opinion I think it was on purpose because why would they shoot the musket rondomly at nothing. So that’s my opinion that it was on purpose.

In this blog I will be talking about what Reverend Hunt tought Samuel in Blood On The River. The thing that Revernd Hunt told Samuel was that he was just more than a servent. That made Samuel feel good about himself.

It is better than using words than weapons because if you use weapons you could get in a fight and die. If you use words you could not get in a fight and not die. You could use your words by trading and getting goods and you both get what you want wishing dieing or getting hurt.