characters realationship

In the book I’m reading has a main character named Tommy. Tommy Is effected by Kyndell because she changed Tommy by him just being a little nerd and whimp. Tommy also got bullied alot. But when Kyndell can she changed him. When Kyndell came she defended Tommy from the bullies. And she dressed him up to. Tommy also asked out Kyndell and Kyndell said yes. So that’s how Tommy is effected by Kyndell

About me ^-^

Hi I am Alex and I like pie! I am going to tell you about myself  :). I am in 5th grade.I like to play video games.If u cannot tell I am a indoor person. My favorite food is pizza.I have 1 sister and zero brothers.My 2 favorite games are Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft.I usually hang out at my friends house and play video games like Mortal Kombat X,Minecraft,Team Fortress 2,Mineing Warfare,Zombie Estate,and tons others.we play it on the Xbox 360 or xbox 1,but some games are 2 players on  Xbox 1 and there are the 3 of us.Sooo….. we take turns.So that’s all about me ^-^.