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Maniac Magee and Emotions

In class we are reading Maniac Magee and the part that affected me the most was when Maniac was going to leave the Beale’s and Amanda Beale told him he can’t and she got emotional and that really affected me because they were good friends and it was sad that Maniac was just going to leave her and her family. They had good times and her family wanted to help him because he didn’t have a family, well besides his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan. Another thing that affected me is when Maniac was getting bullied by Mars Bar Thompson, the Ragpicker, The Cobras, and McNabb. It affected me because I hate when people bully other people because it is mean. The good thing about it is that Maniac doesn’t get affected by it and he doesn’t care.

Maniac Magee

In class we are all reading a book called “Maniac Magee” Jeffery is the main character but people call him maniac. He is an orphan and he lived with his Aunt and Uncle but they never got along they didn’t even share anything, so one day Jeffery left Bridgeport and wondered every where. At first he slept at the zoo in the deer shed but then one day when he was running he met a girl named Amanda she had a suitcase full of books and Jeffery asked for a book so she talked to him for a little and her and Jeffery had a conservation so then she threw him a book but said he had to return it so he said he would then she ran off. Later on Jeffery is getting bullied by a kid named Mars Bars so then Amanda saw him so then she went over there and told them to leave him alone. So then Jeffery went with Amanda back to her house had dinner then when Mr.Beale took Jeffery home he would ask and Jeffery said over there but Mr.Beale knew that he was lieing so Jeffery finally told him and Jeffery lived with the Beale’s. People keep bullying him and Jeffery leaves the Beale’s but Amanda doesn’t want him to so they fight and Jeffery left. That is what happens in part one.