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Blood on the River (Accident or Purpose)

Today on Blood on the River the strangest thing happened John Smith burned his leg. So it happened when Smith was sleeping so he left on his powder bag then smoke or musket smoke touch the powder and it exploded and burned his leg. So I am wondering was it done on purpose or an accident?

I think it was on accident because they have muskets everywhere and they have fires still burning and the smoke can get everywhere. But if the Natives purposely did it I could see that because they might be mad for chief Powhatan being crowned but I think it is still a accident.

Blood on the River (Reverend)

Today we just finished reading chapter 21 and it was sad Reverend Hunt died and he was really helpful and smart. In the book he has helped Samuel along the way and taught him really important lessons so I am going to tell you the most important lesson.

The most important lesson that Reverend Hunt taught Samuel is try to work together with other people and that is important because it will help you along the way so it will be easier.


Blood on the River “Fire”

We are reading Blood on the River and we just finished chapter 17. The  biggest thing happened a fire started, they left the fire burning and there was a bible and a shirt so I think that is what caught on fire.

My reaction to the fire was “wow” how could this have happened all the work they did to start the settlement and with the Natives attacking. But they worked really hard to put out the fire they literally got in a line from the river to their camp. All their work is gone food, little of the palisade, and homes. So that was my reaction to the fire.

Blood on the River

In Blood on the River, Captain John Smith wants Samuel to learn the Native language and says it is more powerful then any weapon.

I think he wants Samuel to learn it if Captain John Smith passes then Samuel will know the language and everybody won’t know it and so then they will value Samuel and he will be important. Another reason I think John Smith wants Samuel to learn it because if they go into war then Samuel can commicuate with them and tell them that it is the wrong thing to do.

Blood on the River

In Blood on the River Samuel has changed from the beginning to where we are at know. Like he was really rude and didn’t care about anybody but himself  and now he is getting nicer and caring about other people.

Like when the the Natives attacked their camp Samuel really cared about James when he wanted to run to the ships and Samuel wouldn’t let him. So in the beginning of the book Samuel didn’t want anything to do with James.

Another one is when the Natives attacked their camp Samuel was really worried about Richard because he thought he might of got shot but he was just sleeping. Also when they were working he asked if they could do it together and at the beginning Samuel called Richard names, hit him, and did means things.

So I think Samuel has really changed trough out the story and think he is becoming really loving and caring.