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Field TripToday  we went to the Eiteljorg museum. It is a museum in Indiana it is about Native Americans. It had so many pictures of Indians and animals. They had some examples of  what they used and fur of animals. Are tour guide was really nice she told a cool story about a totem pole, when I saw the totem pole I was like oh my gosh that is huge!

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Kokopelli’s Flute, Tep’s Actions

We are reading Kokopelli’s Flute and today we have to answer a question, the question is how have Tep’s actions affected his relationship? His relationship with Dusty is really strong when he turned into the pack rat Dusty still knew it was him. He also had a strong relationship with Mr.K  because he turns into a cricket and Tep turns into a pack rat. The pot hunters were not really friends with Tep but when they took Dusty, Tep had a little fun with the pot hunters like chewing holes in their boots and chewing the wires in the car so they could catch Tep and Dusty when they’re not away and my I say that the pot hunters were not happy when they woke up from there sleep.

I think Tep’s actions affected his relationship is important because if Tep didn’t do any thing then the story would be pointless and not exciting. The relationships in the story are important because if Tep’s parents didn’t have a farm then he would not know Mr.K and if he didn’t know Mr.K then he would have met the pot hunters. That is why I think the actions are important.

About Me

Hi my name is Ashlynn this is my first time writing a blog and I am pumped up to write blogs. I’m in 5th grade but people say I look older because my height. I like any type of sport but my main sport is basketball, I play for the Millers and Sky Diggs. I love mash potatoes I love them, I love them. They are about the best food in the world. I am so active I love running I am in a running club at school. I have many friends but my main friends are McKenzie, Ava, Aaleeya, Bella, Annie, and Maddy. My favorite activity to do in school is writing and social studies, we are doing the best project in social studies we get to build Native American houses on Mincraft. That was about me hope you enjoy.