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Maniac Magee

In my class we’re reading Maniac Magee and we were asked, “what do we think the theme is?” Well,I think the theme is friendship because Maniac just needed someone to be there for him and understand him. One day he met Amanda she gave him a place to call home and a family to call his own. To me this won’t happen in real life and not everyone will do this and be a friend. Soon Amanda wasn’t Maniac’s friend anymore… She was his best friend Maniac realized he needed to leave Amanda didn’t want him too but Maniac explained that the had to ho back to his aunt and uncle. Years may have passed but I am sure they never forgot each other.

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Maniac MaGee

The part that has effected me the most was probably when Maniac MaGee ran away from his aunt and uncle. He was alone and no one helped him. I imaged it raining on him and him falling in the mud.

(This is just what I thought)






Maniac MaGee

The main character (Maniac MaGee) is an orphan his parents died in a trolly accident. He went to live with his aunt and uncle who hate each other for example they have two of everything. Maniac MaGee got tired of them fighting so he ran away. He got his name because no one knew him but he still talked to them and people started calling him Maniac MaGee…

(In my opinion I think he was being kind even though he was going through a hard time.)

After months on the streets he decided to go home to his aunt and uncle.


The End



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