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Character reaiationships

My book is called dork diaries and the main character in the book is Nikki.She is effected by another girl named Mackenzie who thinks she is prettier and better than everyone in the world.She try’s to beat Nikki at everything and there is a big talent show and Mackenzie try’s to make Nikki get kicked out of the show so she can win the talent show.

Nikki effected Mackenzie by always being nice for her even if she was mean to her.Nikki also effected a boy named Brandon and told him that he was a great drummer and he should join her band in the talent show.

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imageToday we went to Eliteljorg museum to learn about native Americans and how they survived. I learned that native Americans worked day and night building their homes.

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All about Madison

I like to swim,jump on the trampoline,I am in fifth grade and I have a amazing friend named Sarea.I like cheetahs and dogs.When I grow up I want to go to Michigan and Florida again.My favorite color is blue and purple. My favorite movie is Insergent. I like the song Cheerleader.

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