Maniac Magee Theme

Our class finished the Book known has “Maniac Magee”  today!

Im here to tell you what i thing the theme of the book was. Just thinking about the book I think that Maniac meets a lot of people and becomes friends with most of them so i think Friendship! I think that it was friendship mostly because Maniac makes friends in the book such as Grayson, Amanda, and “surprisingly” Mars Bar.  Maniac makes these friends all in different ways too. Grayson was met at the zoo when Maniac was with the buffilos and Amanda was at school when Maniac asked for a book and also Mars Bar was a friend after Maniac showed him the East end. That was what I thought my theme was. I loved this book too.

Maniac’s life in the story was pretty good at first but though the story it gets worst from my veiw. In the story Maniac or Jeffery Magee was a orphan at a young age. His parents had died to a crash. He went to live with his uncle and aunt. They didn’t like each other so one night Maniac ran away from them. He was seen by people though the book includung  Amanda, Pickwells, and McNab.

His life still wasn’t good he always ran around but one day he was being chased by the “Cobras” and he ran all the way to the East End. The East End was were Blacks were. Once he was there he was  approached by Mars Bars who was very rude. He would follow Maniac and yell “WERE YOU GOING!?” He was very mean.  Mars Bars tried to steal a book that Amanda threw at Maniac when she was late for class. Mars Bars ripped a page out and then Amanda came. Mars Bars blamed Maniac but Amanda didn’t belive him and then Mars Bars went away. Maniac stayed with Amanda’s  family and he stayed there along time. He then was told to leave by a man on a hot day. Amanda told him to try Cobble’s Knot. He did try he sat there for along time and  Finally did it and he untied it. He walked in the middle of the street walking and left town.