Character Relationships

The story  I will be talking about in this Blog is the story Darth paper strikes back! On of the relationships is got the main characters in it which are Dwight, Tommy, Murky, Origami Yoda, and DarthPaper. So Dwight got kicked out for using origami Yoda in class FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS so now Harvey had won with DarthPaper but they needed Dwight back and that REALLY messed up their Relationships because Dwight actually helped a lot of people using origami Yoda and solving their problems and now Dwight was gone and now the school wasn’t the same and it was up to Tommy and Murky to right another Case File.


image Today we went to Eitejiorg and we learned about a lot of native Americans and lots of areas were they lived one of my favorite areas was the South Pole it showed some of the outfits they had to wear to survive and it also showed carvings of stuff made from Walrus teeth and whale spines. Then I also saw a native head dress and some clothes that they would wear.

Teps actons

Teps actons affected his relationships by making him act stranger around his parents. He acted stranger because he had suddenly keeps turning into a rat and that was the flutes fault. He stated to want to be in the Silver Bullet  because of the rat form he had found. He had to tell his dad maybe the rat was good. And later when cricket arrived Tep was with him a lot.

All about me

Hello my name is…. Well that’s not important right now

I’m from… That’s also not important right now

and I like to… That’s not important either

so I’m like a Ninja because no one knows anything about me

oh yeah I like…

And I also like boxes

and I like…. Uh

and that’s me