Maniac Magee theme

This week in class we finished reading the book Maniac Magee. This book had a lot of themes but one that stood out to me threw out the book is “all people are created equally”. This theme stood out to me becouse in the book there was a town. The town was split up onto two areas, the west side had white skins and the east had black skins. Maniac Magee was from the west side. When he ran away he went to the east side and found a friend named Mars Bar. Everyone new not to eat or drink from the opposite skin color. Maniac however ate the same snack bar that Mars Bar ate. Everyone thought Maniac Magee had done the unthinkable. Not only this but Maniac and Mars Bar became friends.

Maniac Magee

A part in the story that affected me is when Grayson died. This affected  me because Maniac was just getting to be good friends with Grayson. This event also affected me because Grayson was a very caring person. He was also like a second father to Maniac Magee.

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee is the main character in the book we are reading. Maniac Magee is an orphan who lived with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan. His real name is Jeffery Lionel Magee. Everyone calls him Maniac because he “crazy” and very fast. Maniac Magee finds a friend named Amanda Beale. She was the first person to actually stop and talk to Magee. Later in part one Magee becomes a part of the Beale family.

Letters to Jessica

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much for inviting me to Borneo, Indonesia. I would love to come and study orangutans with you. I really want to come and studying them with you because I’ve heard you and your family have been going to Borneo every summer since you were three years old to study these magnificent animal. I’ve also heard that orangutans¬†are the most human like animals living on earth. This makes me want to learn about them even more. I’m very excited! See you soon.

Your friend,




The Notorious Benedict Arnold

Me and my group are reading a book called “The Notorious Benedict Arnold”. The book is very interesting, it talkes about Benedict Arnold and what he did. Benedict Arnold (the main character) had a lot to do with what is known as The Revolutionary War. One of the many things that he did to impact the Revolutionary War is he helped all the soldiers move all the cannons from Fort Ticonderoga. This helped the War because the Americans had better weapons.

Running Out Of Time chapters 21-22

The book we are reading in class is called Running Out Of Time. Today we read chapter 21-22. In the chapter Hannah (the main character’s sister) tripped a man with a gun. The man’s name was Mr. Seward When Hannah tripped Mr. Seward in the schoolhouse I was very amazed because I couldn’t believe Hannah was that brave to go up to a man with a gun and trip him. I could never do something like that!

Where the Americans conquered or discovered?

In Social Studies we learned all about the first European Explorers and settlers that settled in the New World (North America). One of the I questions I had at the beginning of the unit was, were the Americans discovered or conquered? I think the Americans were conquered because when the first Europeans came to settle in the New World they ran into Natives that already lived there. I think this because we read a book called Blood On The River (it’s a good book you should read it) when the gentleman settled they met/ran into Natives that already lived in Virginia.

Reverent Hunt and Samuel

In class we are reading a book called Blood On The River. In chapter 21 one of the main character died he’s name is Reverent Hunt. He and Samuel (main character) had a very good relationship because before Reverent Hunt died he taught Samuel a lot of things about cooperation and life. One of the most important things Reverent taught Samuel is to make decisions based off of “love”. I think this is one of the most important things because Samuel’s mom died so he can motivate himself by saying,”Do it for mom!”

Blood On The River Chapter 17 Fire

In class we are reading a book called Blood On The River. Today we read chapter 17, at the end of chapter 17 there was a big fire that started from one of the gentleman putting their shirt to close to I fire place. When the fire started it burned the storehouse and all the food in it. The fire also burned some of the houses. I fell very bad because they have worked so hard to make their “settlement” and now they don’t have any food and they have to redo almost everything.