Blood On The River Words of Protection

The words that john Smith wants Samuel to learn are better than armor because if he runs in to natives that speak that language and if the natives try to attack him he can defend himself by talking to them. Personally I think he would get actual armor because the natives might not agree with him when he talks to them. I do also think he should learn to language because he can read and it might help him  later in the book.

Blood On The River Samuel’s Changes

In the book Blood On The River Samuel has changed a lot because at the beginning of the book he would get mad and use his anger to fight. Thanks to his relationship with Captain John Smith he has started to learn to use his anger in a positive way. He has also learned to cooperate with his friend (other gentleman) in order to survive in the New World and in life.


I also think he learned to care about someone else than mom. I think this because when they were attached in chapter 10 and his mate/friend died, he said it was his fault that he didn’t stop him from leaving the tent they were in. I think this because I felt like he took all the blame for James’s death.

Character Relationships (Everest book one the Contest)

So far in my book (Everest) the Summit Athletic Center is trying to find the bests athletes to make a team to climb Everest. This affect the characters (the athletes) because when they tried out for the team some of them didn’t make it. This affected the athletes because it made them sad and it also made them work harder for the team next year. I know this becouse in my book it said, “Four boys and three girls were heading home, they had lost their smiles on their faces.”




Today the whole 5th grade in my school went on a field trip to the Eiteljorg museum in downtown Indianapolis. At the museum I learned a lot of cool things about Native Americans that I didn’t know. I also saw a lot of cool paintings. If you guys come to Indiana I recommend going to the museum it’s very fun!

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