Blood on the River

Samuel has changed since the beginning of the book because he used to beat up people and get into fights, but now he is always nice and follows rules. He also helps people out.    And he is now able to control his anger.

While he has been able to follow rules and control his anger, he has made a really good relationship with Captain John Smith. And since he was mean to his mates at the beginning of the book, his relationship with them has changed because they think that Samuel is bad and still will get into fights with them.

Character Relationships

What is happening in my book my right now is the characters are going on a hunt to find Justice Jack and they see some cops and then they start to get silent.

There is this character in my book named Billy and he is crazy but when he saw the cops he turned silent. And then he sees the cops and goes silent. He is always trying to make his friends laugh and he is probably scared of the cops because they might do something to him. And after that happened, all of Billy’s friends thought that he was acting really weird.


imageToday we went to the Eitel Jorg Meusum. We learned about the Native Americans, their houses, and what they ate for food. My favorite part of the field trip was when we got to touch all of the animal skin and bags. And my other favorite was when we dressed up as Native Americans and rode fake horses. It was all cool! I wasn’t happy when we had to leave.

Tep’s Actions

1. Tep’s actions have affected his relationship with Dusty because when he turned into a rat and got attacked by Ringo the ringtail, that might have scared Dusty.

2. Tep’s actions have affected his relationships with his parents because when Tep said he heard the flute that Cricket was playing, it might have made Tep’s parents think that he was insane or there was something wrong with him.

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