Daniel at the Siege Of Boston

Since January, we have started book clubs in our class. Me and my group are reading a book called Daniel at the Siege Of Boston. One of our assignments were to make a blog post about one of the characters in our book and explain how he made an impact on the Revolutionary War. For that I chose who I think is the main character of the book, Daniel.

I chose Daniel because I think he made a huge impact on the Revolutionary War. The impact that I think he made on the war was that he was a messenger for the colonists. When ever the Redcoats would come to his house, he would overhear them making a plan to attack the colonists. And when he heard them talking about their plan, he would jot down notes and tell them to his father because his father is a colonists.

Daniel’s father would tell all of the other colonists the Redcoats plan to attack them. So because Daniel told his father what he had heard, the colonists would do better in the wars. And that is the impact that I think Daniel made on the Revolutionary War.