Captain Smith

In chapter 24 on Blood on the River, they say that it was an accident that the powder bag that was on Captain Smith lit on fire and burned him. I don’t think that it wasn’t an accident because the gentleman don’t like Smith and if the powder bag got burned I think that it was one of the gentleman and that they did that on purpose.

Blood on the River “Fire”

In Blood on the River, flames caught on the houses in the village. Then the crew gathered buckets of water and threw them on the flames. My thoughts of what they should’ve done is that they should’ve all got a bucket of water and poured it on one house. Then they should’ve done it to the next house, and the next house, etc. And maybe if they did that to all of the houses in a short period of time, they could’ve been able to get the fire out of the houses.

Blood on the River

Samuel has changed since the beginning of the book because he used to beat up people and get into fights, but now he is always nice and follows rules. He also helps people out.    And he is now able to control his anger.

While he has been able to follow rules and control his anger, he has made a really good relationship with Captain John Smith. And since he was mean to his mates at the beginning of the book, his relationship with them has changed because they think that Samuel is bad and still will get into fights with them.