Maniac Magee Theme

In class, we have been reading Maniac Magee. I think thay the theme of this book is that kind is always the right thing to do. In the book, Mars Bar picks on Maniac and he doesn’t have a good life in the rest of the book. Then in the end, he is nice to Maniac and he feels good about himself. That is why I think the theme is to be kind.

Maniac Magee

One part of the book that affected me was when Grayson died.

That part of the book affected me because he was nice to Maniac in a lot of ways. And when he died, I felt bad for Maniac. I also felt bad for Maniac because he had the best Thanksgiving with Grayson and then Grayson died. And most of all, I felt bad because Grayson took care of him after he got hurt in the buffalo pen.

Those are the parts of the book so far that affected me.

Maniac Magee

For the past week we have been reading a book called Maniac Magee. He used to live with his aunt and uncle when one day he ran away at a play and went far away from his actual home. Thats when he ran into a girl named Amanda Beale. She was nice to him and he ended up living with her. His life was perfect. Till one day he ran away. Amanda was sad. She stayed up and the door to her house opened. And guess who it was. Maniac Magee! And thats where part 1 of the story ended.

Orangutans with Jessica

Dear Jessica : Thank you for inviting me to study orangutans with you. I would like to go because I would like to meet orangutans and study them. I would like to do that because I think that it would be a lot of fun and I could learn important things about orangutans. Another reason that I would want to go with you is that I would want to protect them from any trouble.

From, Noah

Daniel at the Siege Of Boston

Since January, we have started book clubs in our class. Me and my group are reading a book called Daniel at the Siege Of Boston. One of our assignments were to make a blog post about one of the characters in our book and explain how he made an impact on the Revolutionary War. For that I chose who I think is the main character of the book, Daniel.

I chose Daniel because I think he made a huge impact on the Revolutionary War. The impact that I think he made on the war was that he was a messenger for the colonists. When ever the Redcoats would come to his house, he would overhear them making a plan to attack the colonists. And when he heard them talking about their plan, he would jot down notes and tell them to his father because his father is a colonists.

Daniel’s father would tell all of the other colonists the Redcoats plan to attack them. So because Daniel told his father what he had heard, the colonists would do better in the wars. And that is the impact that I think Daniel made on the Revolutionary War.

Captain Smith

In chapter 24 on Blood on the River, they say that it was an accident that the powder bag that was on Captain Smith lit on fire and burned him. I don’t think that it wasn’t an accident because the gentleman don’t like Smith and if the powder bag got burned I think that it was one of the gentleman and that they did that on purpose.

Blood on the River “Fire”

In Blood on the River, flames caught on the houses in the village. Then the crew gathered buckets of water and threw them on the flames. My thoughts of what they should’ve done is that they should’ve all got a bucket of water and poured it on one house. Then they should’ve done it to the next house, and the next house, etc. And maybe if they did that to all of the houses in a short period of time, they could’ve been able to get the fire out of the houses.