Europe to Americas

In this unit for social studies we learned about Eurpeon explorers. The reasons the Eurpeons went to America was because they joined something called the Virginia Company and new land. The Virginia Company is something where people force people to find gold. They traveled to the Americas to find new land because everyone was crouded in Europe.

Blood on the river

when someone woke up at night they noticed a cabin on fire. They thought that a shirt might have went into the fire and then someone yelled fire.

What I would have done is the same thing because if there was a fire you would want people to wake up and try to help you put it out.

That was what I would do if there was a fire.

Blood On The River

I have notice how Samuel has changed since the begging of the book because when we first started reading this book Samuel went to jail for stealing his moms anklet back,and fighting with other people. Samuel has changed because Samuel said something like,”maybe if I want to be nicer I can’t yell at them or fight with them.

Samuel’s relation ships are connected to his actions because he is getting a lot more respect than he did at the beginning of the story because of his actions.