Main character

In the book Maniac Magee the main character is Maniac Magee. Today  I will be talking the main character. Maniac Magee has met a guy named Grayson that played Minor League Baseball and he is now helping Maniac Magee be seen or noticed in the town. Grayson had gotten a home at the YMCA. Now Maniac Magee is spending his time with Grayson until Grayson dies.hope you enjoyed my Maniac Magee explination for what I have read this week.

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee had gotten adopted and his “new” parent hate each other but won’t divorce. They wont share or anything like that. MM was walking and asked thks girl named Amanda if she was running away. In fact MM was running away but Amanda wasn’t running away. This girl named Amanda was carn.  ring a suit case full of books and thats what lead MM to think she was running away. Amanda said that she was actaully going to school. When she left MM started chasing her asking for a book to read so she stoped and threw one at him because the second bell rang. Later that day MM made 3 more appearances at that school that day and watched the varsity football team throw around.

Running Out of Time

In the book “Running Out of Time” Jessie is trying to save the day in Indianapolis and Hannah is back in Clifton helping! My thoughts about Hannah when she is in the schoolhouse are, I don’t think it was a good idea for her and Andrew to yell out the window and say “get away or I will shoot you all!” Also when one of the men’s rifle slid across the floor Andrew and Hannah went for the rifle and the other people in the schoolhouse. I think these are bad ideas because Andrew and Hannah can get their selfs killed from these actions. These are my thoughts about the questions my teacher gave us! 🙂


Europe to Americas

In this unit for social studies we learned about Eurpeon explorers. The reasons the Eurpeons went to America was because they joined something called the Virginia Company and new land. The Virginia Company is something where people force people to find gold. They traveled to the Americas to find new land because everyone was crouded in Europe.

Blood on the river

when someone woke up at night they noticed a cabin on fire. They thought that a shirt might have went into the fire and then someone yelled fire.

What I would have done is the same thing because if there was a fire you would want people to wake up and try to help you put it out.

That was what I would do if there was a fire.