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Theme of Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee

We have finished Maniac Magee. I have been asked what is the theme of the book. Here are my thoughts.

I think the theme is, no matter where you go, how much you run and hide, the trouble and problems that have created will follow. I think this because Maniac keeps running away. When his parents died and his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan stopped talking he left.When someone defaced the Beale’s  house he felt bad a and left. When Grayson died he left. He kept running and in the end he found himself with the Beales and stopped running, because everything he was running from would always chase.

  Maniac Magee

A question I have been asked is, “What part of Maniac Magee moved you the most?”

Here is my reply.

The part of Maniac Magee that moved me the most is his worries, how MM (Maniac Magee) was sad and departed from the Beales, because he thought the Beales had to pay for every thing he does, and how he was able to stay strong and provide food and shelter for himself. It made me think about his feelings, how would it feel to always have a solo show, to have to find edible food every night. To be maybe expecting death each day. That is the part that moved me most.

Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee

In our class we are reading a book called Maniac Magee. Maniac is the main character. His real name is Jeffery, so I will call him MM(Maniac Magee) or Jeff. Now on with my character summary.

Jeff was orphaned when he was three years old, so he went to go live with his Aunt and Uncle. Against his luck, he moved in when the stopped talking to each other. On the night of the school play he screamed for them to talk, but the didn’t, so he left. He ran for a whole year no one knows what took him so long. He finally arived in the west side of town were no white man went because all multi-color people lived there, of course Jeff didn’t know, but he lived there and played there and was not afraid of what anyone said.

Jessica’s answer

Oh my gosh! I have been invited to go along with Jessica Laman to Borneo! Jessica studies Orangutans in the wild with her parents and she has invited me to go along. I notice at the bottom of the letter it says, “Please have the answer to this invite by June 3rd”, oh no that’s tomorrow! I better get writing. So I start writing. Dear  Jessica, I thank you for your offer. I just adore orangutans, that are so fuzzy and cute! I would love to come along! I was wondering if you had space for me though? I am so excited! I can not wait! I hope it is not to costly for me to go along.

Sincerely, Tori

Benedict Arnold

My class is reading books about the Revolutionary War, my book’s main character is Benedict Arnold, I have been asked how was he associated to the Revolutionary War. Some ways are that he was a general to the American fighters, he helped capture Fort Ti( a British fort) and lastly was a leader in  the capture of Quebec. Those are how my main character, Benedict Arnold, was associated with the Revolutionary War.

Blood on the River Captain Smith

In this chapter Captain Smith’s powder bag sets fire, and his leg flesh is burned off. It happened when he was napping in a canoe, they were gentlemen and him were going to make peace with the tribes. Samual was suspicious when all the Gentlemen left with Captain Smith. I believe that the gentlemen attempted murder to Smith. There plan almost worked, but he was not killed but sent away, back to England.

Blood on the River The Fire

My reaction to the fire is a disappointment, that after the cabins caught ablaze, I knew not a lot would be saved to from the fire. When the food storage was in flames, I doubted if anything or anyone would survive the winter. I was thinking if they would talk to they Great Powhatan, they might get food from him. The palisade, probably meaned a lot to them, for they wanted to save it more than the cabins.