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Blood on the River Captain Smith

In this chapter Captain Smith’s powder bag sets fire, and his leg flesh is burned off. It happened when he was napping in a canoe, they were gentlemen and him were going to make peace with the tribes. Samual was suspicious when all the Gentlemen left with Captain Smith. I believe that the gentlemen attempted murder to Smith. There plan almost worked, but he was not killed but sent away, back to England.

Blood on the River The Fire

My reaction to the fire is a disappointment, that after the cabins caught ablaze, I knew not a lot would be saved to from the fire. When the food storage was in flames, I doubted if anything or anyone would survive the winter. I was thinking if they would talk to they Great Powhatan, they might get food from him. The palisade, probably meaned a lot to them, for they wanted to save it more than the cabins.