Monthly Archives: September 2015

Character Relationships

My character relationship is about the book The Good Dog. It is from the dogs point of view. It is a book about a leader of a dog pack in a small town who helps a wounded wolf stay alive and get back into the wilderness. The dogs name is McKinley he and his best friend Aspen the golden retriever. He is affected when things pile up on him he has to take care of his human pup, who wants to run away and live with the wolves, he has to help Duchess, a greyhound who is mistreated by her owner, Pycraft. He also has to help a wolf who was wounded in the shoulder by a bullet. It makes him very busy. And on top of that he is challenged by a dog named Redburn, who thinks he is the best dog and should be the leader of the pack. Aspen said at the beginning of the book that he was always so busy and never had time to play.

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