How Samuals changed

imageIn the book “Blood on the River” Samual started off as a boy that was running on the street and then he was brought to the orphanage I think that this was a big change in Samuals life being around all those kids because he was used to being around only his mom.

Then he got on the ship. After 110 days at sea he arrived in Virginia. The most tragic event was when James died I think this event had the most impact on Samual showing him that he should have been nicer to James.

Character Relationships

In my book, Zitface, Olivia’s  friend,Ed, is calling her name’s when she breaks  out with zits and that effects her self esteem so then at a part her date stands up for her but they get in trouble so Ed stops calling her names. One other relationship is when her boyfriend gives her a peace sign necklace for her graduation she is effected by that because she knows that her boyfriend likes her for her. A nother relationship is when her director for a commercial decides to fire her because she keeps breaking out with zits I think that was the most important part of the book because that was the turning point. One other relationship is when Jenna meets Mat and they talk about how Jenna is a great debator. That really changes Jenna because she has finally found a boy that shares her same interest.


imageToday my class went to the Eiteljorg  museum this is some things that I saw there. We learned lots of information there. I saw lots of paintings and sculptures we even got to touch one! We learned lots of facts about Native Americans. On top of it all we ate lunch outside by a canal! We even saw lots and lots of ducks! I had so much fun!

Tep’s actions

For school we are writing this answer to a question from Kokopelli’s flute and the question is “How have  Tep’s  (the main character) actions affected his relationships with the characters in the story?” I think he affected his mom by not telling that the strawberries had hantavirus . I also think he affected his dad by convincing his dad that the rat(him) was helping the crops. He affected the pot hunters by chewing on there boots and breaking there car. He affected him self by blowing on the flute.


I just got my blog!!!! 

  • This weekend I might have a sleepover with one of my friends I can’t wait this is going to be the best!!!!!!!!
  • One other thing I am doing is sleep because I am so tired 

Watch for more. Untell next time. Bye!


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