Maniac Magee

I have just finished reading the book, Maniac Magee and I liked it. It showed me lots of things I never thought I would dream of. In this book there are lots of themes in it the one that stood out to me the most was friends are always there for you, I think this because Maniac Magge left his friend Amanda and when he returened she invited him (or rather told him) to live with her family again. I alsothink this because when Grayson died he still remembered him and took some of his favorit thing I think to show Grayson that he still rememberes and still cares.

Maniac Magee

The part that impacted me the most was when Grayson died because he was sweet and kind and he loved Maniac. I also think that it was hard for Maniac because he loved Grayson. All I could think when I read it was why did he have to die? He was one of the most impactual characters.

Maniac Mcgee

Maniac Mcgee was not a legend until he started running. Then he whent to East End and met Amanda. He lived with Amanda’s family for awile and made friends and enemys then he untied Coblers Knot and everyone through confetti.

Sophia’s war

In my class I have been reading a book called Sophia’s war. We were asked a question that was haw did a character in our book affect the revolutionary war and I think that Sophia affected the revolutionary war by becoming a spy and getting information from Major André.

Sophias War

When I read Sophias war I was asked what I thought the main characters (Sophias) character traits were I think that Sophia is brave because she went to get a doctor in the middle of the night when she could have been killed to get medicine for her father. I also think that Sophias brave because after everything she heard she still wanted to save her brother.


In the book Running out of Time I think Hannah was really brave because she  did something that Jessie would do and Jessie is brave. I also think that it was funny how they kind of switched personalities.

Blood on the River

In the book Blood on the River I think that when  John Smiths leg was burned it was planned because the gentleman wanted to send  Captain John Smith back to England. I  definitely don’t think it was an accident. I think they wanted  for John Smith to not be the president.