Manaic Magee Theme

In the class we have been reading a book called Manaic Magee! We finshed the book yesterday! Our techer told us to write about “what was the theme of the book?” I think the theme of the book was friendship because Mars Bar was really mean to Manaic Magee, but tords the end Mars Bar invist Maniac Magee to his house! And also when Amanda Beale talked to Maniac Magee, gave him her book, gave him a lot of support, and a home to live in!

Hi Jessica! I love how you love to go hiking and checking out different animals! I read your two articles! They were amazing! Do you love hiking 24/7? It’s really cool how you don’t get scared of the snake and the other animals! How do u do it?

George Washington’s Socks

In class we are learning  Revolutionary War! My teacher putt us in reading groups! My group is reading George Washington’s Socks. I think the main Character is Matt.

I think that Matt is protective about his sister Katie. In the book they were going camping for fun, until they find a river that takes them back in time! Katie fell over the boat! Matt thought that she was dead. But then they saw Katie yelling and screaming on ice.

Then they fined a big ship and the people on the boat saved Katie but Matt was a little mad and then he started yelling “Let me see my sister!” Matt is also really protective because one his friends die and his other friends say ” We have to go, people die!” Matt was sad! What will happen next?

Blood in the river

What has been happening in the book is that Captan John Smith was going with other men to fight the natives,  his own men swt his legs on fire!  I think it was on purpose because on chapter 24 page 197, the men said ” we want Captun  smith to go back to England so he can accused  of many wrongs,  rather than as a hero and save our Colony from extinction!

Blood in the river

Samuel changed in the book because at the beginning of the book because he was shy meeting all these new people and Samuel didn’t now what to do. In the chapter 10 and 11 he is standing up to people saying like “I have to go to the restroom,” Samuel did really changed in the book because when you start to know the people that have been around, you start to get used to it and so then you start acting like “I can stand up to you guys,” That’s what I think when you get used to somebody.