Character Relationships

Matched! Matched is about a girl named Cassia! She is trying to get to be the queen of the fall dance! But she as a bigger problem! When she started high school, she was very quite, she never talk, she’s in her 2yr do high school. She started thinking about it some more and she thought “if I have never talk, I will never get picked!” She went to go and talk to her mom and her mom said ” maybe tomorrow talk a little.”  The next day Cassia was very talkative. She got in trouble! People were so impressed of how much she was talking! At the dance, Cassia was thinking to her self  ” I don’t think they will pick me because I only talked for a day!” See what happens if cassia will get picked or not.

Today we went to the EiteIjorg. It was really fun! We Learned about Miami,  Pottawatomie, and much more! I would love to go back some time. My favorite part was when saw A bunch of Jewelry and pottery. image

Teps actions

Teps actions affected his relationship with his mom and his dad,was that he would kept a secret that Tep was the mouse. It was hard for Tep to keep the secret because his dad wanted to kill the mouse (Tep was the mouse). Mom wanted to capture the mouse. Tep was saying like, ” What if the mouse was good and would never hurt anybody.” Teps mom and dad was not believing him because they hate mouses. Good luck Tep!

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